Minutes of February 18, 2016

Town of Sullivan
Zoning Board of Adjustment

February 18, 2016

ZBA members present:  Richard Hotchkiss, chair,  Roger Sweet, Laura Lewandowski, Robert Switzer, Stephen Parker and Mary Hull secretary.  Ron Hull was absent.

Representing ZBA Towers,  Jonathan Springer, Attorney

Public:  Joe Lewandowski,  Ann Sweet

Re:  The ZBA met to review the Application for a Special Exception for the SBA Towers 1X, LLC
who is proposing to install a wireless communications facility on the rural residential property of 19 Apple Hill Road.

Meeting opened up at 7 PM. With introductions of members and Attorney Springer.

Attorney Springer began by presenting an overview of the cell tower.  Why it is needed and discussing the plans to construct and operate a personal wireless service facility for T-Mobile.  The property in whole is approximately 19.7 acres in size in which they want to lease a portion 100 x 100 foot  in which to construct a fenced, 70 x 50 foot compound.  The compound will be accessed off of Old Concord Road within a 25 foot wide access and utility easement.  The easement will have  a 12 foot wide gravel drive.

The compound will house a 195 foot monopole, topped by a thin 4 foot high air terminal, which also acts as a lightning rod.  The monopole is a single shaft tower with no guide wires and will be able to accommodate up to four telecommunication carriers.  There will be no need for water or sewer, just telephone and electricity.  There will be no light on the monopole and the compound will be fenced in with an 8 foot high wire mesh fence topped with three stands of barbed wire.

It was pointed out to Attorney Springer that he had showed the access off of Apple Hill Road on the plat when,  in fact,  it  is off the Old Concord Road.  He promised to correct that.

Concerns were expressed concerning the driveway/access through the wetlands.  A DES wetlands permit will be required to install a culvert.   

A site visit and review by the Sullivan Conservation Commission was proposed.

Concern was expressed that the driveway access may be too close to the property line.

Question was brought up about the property being in current use and we found that it is under current use.  That will have to be addressed.

Question was asked about a fall zone for safety issues in case the tower fell .  Mr Springer answered that a fall zone is not necessary as these towers can withstand very high winds and if in fact it did become compromised, these towers are built to bend at certain heights.  Further, the tower is far enough away from property lines.

Questions were asked about a back up generator with noise and how many pads can be added . Attorney Springer answered there will not be a generator and the monopole is a 4 carrier pole with a 10 x 20 compound.  If there are any plans on enlarging it, they will have to come back for another site plan review.

The board then brought up other concerns and errors that need to be addressed.

The access is off of the Old Concord Road and not Apple Hill.

Possibly another balloon test for the abutters and also checking for conservation easements.  If there are any, these people should also be considered an abutter.

The application is under SBA Towers.  The Power of Attorney  is under Attorney Springer’s name.  The POA should be notarized.

Wetlands should be flagged, and the proposed driveway should be flagged for the proposed site visits..

We would like to have a removal bond in case the site is abandoned, then the tower should be removed.

Mr. Hotchkiss then motioned to see if the board will accept the application with changes to be made and balloon testing done. The board unanimously agreed.

If  Attorney Springer is able to make the changes in time,   the first public meeting will be held on April 7th, .  He will notify Mary Hull by the beginning of March in time for notifications to be sent out.

Meeting adjourned at 8: 20 PM

Respectively submitted by

Mary Hull, ZBA secretary