Minutes of November 17, 2011

Members present: J.J. Prior, Stephanie Kleine, Chris Pratt, and Malinda Scherpa.  The meeting was with the Nelson School Board, Kelly French, Mike Cornaugh, and Alison Aldrich.  The meeting also included Wayne Woldrich and others from SAU 29. 

Absent were Jen Labadie, Paul Bolduc, Dana Briggs, Matt Burke, and Julie Wilber. 

After a tour of building, we began the meeting at 4:15 PM.  Kelly French responded to the 13 questions we had sent to the Nelson School Board.  On the before and after school program, Nelson does not have such a program, but would like to if they could get enough participants and the addition of Sullivan to the mix might be enough.  They also noted that Keene is thinking about a regional preschool. 

Special education charges would be based on needs rather than a preset charge.  Regular tuition would negotiable, but they felt it would be closer to the lower figure we were originally quoted rather than the higher figure.  So it would be approximately $10,000 per student.

The addition of 40 students from Sullivan would not create any space problems, however, it would push the building toward its capacity.  This might cause a future shift of the 6th grade to the Keene Middle School.  However, for the near term, there is plenty of space in the building.  They currently use double grade classrooms.

The school does well on test scores.  It is also a Blue Ribbon School.  The school follows the progress of its graduates closely to measure outcomes.  Technology is heavily used in instruction.  There are numerous enrichment courses offered.

There was a long discussion between the to committees on what Sullivan needed to do to withdraw and possible time tables assuming we will be able to implement our recommendations.

No future meeting date is scheduled at this time.  It will probably be set after we meet with the Harrisville school board.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5.45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Christopher Pratt