Minutes of October 19, 2011

Members present: J.J. Prior, Stephanie Kleine, Chris Pratt, Jen Labadie, Malinda Scherpa, and Paul Bolduc. 
Absent were Dana Briggs, Matt Burke, and Julie Wilber. 

The meeting opened at 6:40 PM.  The committee took up the draft report.  J.J. passed out copies of the newest iteration.  The first question was in regard to the actual expenditure of the town of Sullivan.  We had three different figures in the various charts.  After checking our sources, we concluded that it was about $803,000.  J.J. will replace the data.  Most of the rest of the review involved “cutting and pasting” and rewriting a few paragraphs to ensure clarity.  It was noted that many of the charts contained no figures or inaccurate figures.  Discussion then moved to updating the information.  Paul, Jen, Stephanie, and J.J. worked various online resources and found some of the information.  Malinda noted that some of the figures she had obtained did not make it into the draft.  We added as much information as we could find.  It was decided to continue research and forward the information to J.J., but if we could not get it by the next meeting, we would simply drop it from the final report. 

Next discussion moved to whether or not we wanted to make a recommendation.  Stephanie noted that the Gilsum committee was planning to meet on Sunday and she was reluctant to make a final decision until they had had a chance to review our draft.  Jen asked if we were in favor of withdrawal or staying in the district.  The committee’s consensus was for withdrawal.  The committee was not of the same mind on what to do next.  Jen argued in favor of the cooperative option with Gilsum, however, other members were concerned about whether or not Gilsum would agree.  Chris was concerned about the startup costs and the burden of a bond issue—none of which we would have if we tuitioned our elementary school students.  Paul asked if the committee was in favor of tuitioning our middle and high school students to Keene.  The consensus was in favor.  Finally, it was decided that we would not make a final decision until the next meeting when will have Gilsum’s decision.  However, we were leaning toward withdrawal, forming our own school district, tutioning grades 6-12 to Keene and keeping our options open on what to do with the elementary students.  This is essentially option 4.  This information and our draft will be reported to Rob Mitchell.

It was agreed to meet again on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at 6:30 PM at the Sullivan Town Hall. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Christopher Pratt