Minutes of Apil 6, 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of April 6, 2011

Chairman Bob Switzer called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members  Michelle Degree, Dave Jakway,  Laura Lewandowski, and Ann Sweet. .  Absent were John Little and Mark Smith.  There was no selectmen‘s representative.

Also present were Marlo Paju, Bill Paju, Steve Hamilton (who had chaired ZBA hearing on the Paju application for a special exception), and Eric White (chairman of the Sullivan Conservation Commission). 

Minutes of the meeting of March 2, 2011, were approved as distributed.

Paju query about the need for Site Plan Review
Mrs. Paju reported that the ZBA has approved their request for a special exception to open a seasonal country shop in the ground floor of their house.  She reviewed the ZBA’s stipulations that accompanied their approval:
A sign at the curve cautioning traffic climbing north on Centre Street south of the Paju drive  of the entry and exit of cars from the  Paju drive to be alert.  Mrs. Paju reported that the state highway department will not post such a sign, deeming them ineffective and not worth the expense.  She and Mr. Paju will consider how best to word a cautionary sign they could post themselves, as the state highway representative said they were free to do.
A mirror on a tree across Centre Street from the Paju driveway to reflect cars approaching the curve in the road from the south. The state will not post such a mirror, but again said the Pajus were free to post one themselves on a tree within the highway right of way.  Mrs. Paju said they are considering a 30” convex mirror and will experiment with height and angle.
Commercial liability insurance.  A representative of Farm and Family will visit the Paju property Monday evening to assess the needs.

Chairman Switzer, with the concurrence of Mr. Hamilton of the ZBA, declared that, in accordance with the provisions of the Site Plan Review Regulations, Section III, B&C, a site plan review would be required.  Mrs. Paju expressed concern about delay in opening the shop and asked that a visit by the board might be made before the date of the hearing (May 4) so that she might open the shop immediately thereafter.  Chairman Switzer asked her to contact him about possible dates when she was ready.

Ms. Degree reiterated concerns about traffic from the shop entering Centre Street at a point where visibility for northbound traffic is poor.  Mrs. Paju said vehicular visits to the shop were not expected to be numerous, that already at least five cars go in and out during every day, along with farm equipment in season.  She hoped the mirror and the cautionary sign would assure safety.  Mr. Paju pointed out that visiting cars will be able to turn around above the parking area so they can drive out forward rather than backing.

Chairman Switzer asked that the proposed extra lighting, to focus on path and parking area without intruding on other space, be noted on the site plan along with clear delineations off proposed parking spaces with measured footage in time for the hearing.  The Pajus expected that the proposed signage, the mirror, and the insurance would all be ready by the hearing on May 4.

Natural Resources Inventory
Conservation Commission Chairman Eric White passed out copies of the Natural Resources Inventory recently printed but years in the making.  Members noted the beauty of the photographs of creatures and landscapes in Sullivan.  Chairman White said the copies are for sale for $20 (although printing costs are about $27).  He asked the board to incorporate the NRI into the Master Plan, noting that the goals and objectives for natural resources expressed chapter on natural resources in the 2005 edition of the Master Plan coincide with those in the NRI. 

A motion (Sweet/Lewandowdski) to the Master Plan Committee to consider how best to incorporate the NRI into the upcoming revision of the Master Plan passed without dissent.

There was discussion of the recent meeting, which had been inconclusive, to consider creating an agricultural commission in town.  Chairman Switzer pointed out that response to the recent survey of the town for the Master Plan update, has expressed strong interest in preserving the agricultural tradition of the community.  Three Sullivan farmers had attended the meeting but none had the time to be members of the commission, which should have farmer representation.

Mr. White reported PSNH query about whether Sullivan had designated prime wetlands, since PSNH wanted to work on its polie and lines near the Otter Brook.  Sullivan has not designated prime wetlands.  Mr. White suggested the conservation commission and the planning board might want to collaborate on the possible designation, which would require wetland scientist expertise and considerable expense.  He also pointed out that wellhead protection (around the school well, e.g.) and stratified drift aquifer (under parts of East Sullivan) delineation might be projects for collaboration.  Ms. Degree expressed the wish to see all underground water courses mapped.  Mr. White asked the planning board to contact him if it wished to pursue any of these projects.

Upcoming regional meetings

Citizen Planner Collaborative:  Thursday, Arpil 14, 6-7:30 p.m.
Southwest Region Planning Commission is sponsoring a meeting of all land use boards in the region to discuss the new website that will help boards with information and training on a variety of topics.  Members are urged to visit the website and bring their feedback to the meeting.  Contact Lisa Murphy at 357-0557 or lmurphy@swrpc.org. to register for this free meeting, which will be held at the Keene Public Library auditorium.

Southwest Region Energy Gathering:  Thursday, April 28, 6-8 p.m.
SWRPC is also sponsoring this meeting for area communities to review and encourage energy planning efforts.  RSVP to Tara Germond (357-0557 or
Tgermond@swrpc.org by April 21.

Several planning board members plan to attend both meetings.

Energy Committee
Mrs. Sweet reported that the Energy Committee is close to completing for publication an RFP for the outdoor wood boiler for the highway garage.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.