Minutes of April 4, 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of
April 4, 2012

In the absence of a chairman, a motion was made to select Mrs.  Sweet as chairman pro tem at 7:03 p.m.  Present, in addition to the acting chairman, were members  Michelle Degree,  Laura Lewandowski, and Mark Smith.  Absent were  members Dave Jakway and John Little,  There was no selectmen‘s representative.  Steve Hamilton, former chairman of the planning board, was present, along with Roger Sweet.

Minutes of the meeting of March 7, 2012, will be held for approval at the next meeting.

Chairman pro tem Sweet asked for nominations for chairman.  A motion (Degree/Lewandowski) to select Mr.Hamilton by acclamation passed without dissent. 

Mr. Hamilton, who had already received appointment from the selectmen, took the chair and asked for nominations for secretary.  A motion, which passed without dissent, was made to elect Mrs. Sweet.

Sullivan Master Plan
Turning to the housing section of the 2005 edition of the Master Plan, Mrs. Sweet asked whether board members had any thoughts about what to cover in this chapter, which focuses primarily on comparing data from Sullivan with neighboring towns.  Ms. Degree asked that the review of the Master Plan chapters be suspended until more of the community could be involved.  When asked whether a piece in the next newsletter could be the means to bring more townspeople into the discussion, she said is would be more effective to ask for email addresses from residents.  She offered to put a paper for such a listing by the Town Clerk’s window.  Then those who sign up could be given a summary of where the board is in its revisions of the 2005 plan and be inspired to attend the discussions.

Ms. Degree declared that housing is of paramount importance in building a community.  She would like to have a beautification fund started to make it possible for homeowners to make their properties more attractive so that more community-minded people would be drawn to Sullivan, which has wonderful potential but has a number of deteriorating properties.  She would like to see a comparison of tax rates from town to town, because she feels Sullivan’s is too high to attract new residents.

Chairman Hamilton asked Mrs. Sweet to circulate the Master Plan goals and objectives, with the suggested revisions from an earlier meeting, to the board members for review and suggestions to be discussed at the May meeting.

Mrs. Sweet promised to send around, in addition, a draft piece for the next newsletter encouraging townspeople to come to planning board meetings to discuss revisions to the Master Plan.

Chairman Hamilton’s plans
Chairman Hamilton declared his intention to fill any empty selectman’s seat, should one become empty, and then become the selectmen’s representative to the planning board.

Hearings in Troy and Alstead
Chairman Hamilton circulated letters announcing hearings in Troy and Alstead on applications for cell towers.  The hearings will be held April 9 and 10.  Ms. Degree plans to attend.

SWRPC announcements of upcoming events passed around.

There being no further business, a motion (Smith/Degree) to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary