Minutes of April 4, 2018

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
04 April 2018

The meeting came to order at 7:01 p.m.

Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet

Selectman Representative:   Jeffrey Burbank

Public Attendees:  Christopher Pratt, Valley Road; Robert Taylor, Dummerston, NH; Junie Esslinger, Alstead, NH

Chair Casey moved to accept the February 2018 minutes.  Member P. Miles seconded the motion.  A discussion was held noting scrivener’s errors.  After these changes were made, a vote was held to accept the minutes as amended with no dissention.

Due to the cancellation of the March meeting due to weather issues and scheduling conflicts, there are no minutes to present.

Public Session
Mr. Taylor and Mr. Esslinger introduced themselves as members of the Keene Amateur Astronomers Club.  Mr. Esslinger also has experience in lighting design.  They were invited to address the board by Chair Casey to give input into the adverse effects of light pollution on communities, and possible solutions.  Their discussion included the effects of light as perceived by the eye; types of outdoor lighting; the effects of light trespass on home owners; the need for lighting regulations; the effects of light pollution on amateur and professional astronomers; and sample lighting regulations.  The International Dark-Sky Association (www.darksky.org) was mentioned as a good source of information.  Mr. Esslinger’s view was that brighter outdoor lighting is inevitably coming to Sullivan but emphasized there are inexpensive options such as shielding that can keep light pollution to a minimum. 

On-Going Business
Member Sweet inquired as to the progress of the Driveway Committee inspection of the permit issued for the paving of the property owned by Andrew Robinson at 847 Centre Street.  At the February meeting, it was stated that the driveway would be inspected as soon as weather permitted.  Chair Casey will follow up with Acting Road Agent Paul Yawarski.

Chair Casey will contact the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Safety as to the status of a NHDES-required restoration plan for the cell tower facility being constructed on the property owned by David Price.  In a letter received by Chair Casey, the NHDES stated several non-compliant issues existing on the property.

Those members whose terms were renewed are:  Leslie Casey, Dorothy Miles and Ann Sweet.  Member Sweet nominated Leslie Casey as Chairman.  The nomination was accepted.   Member Sweet then made a motion to appoint L. Casey as Chairman.  The motion was seconded by L. Lewandowski.  The motion passed.  Chair Casey made a motion to nominate Dorothy Miles as Secretary.  Member D. Miles indicated that the position would only be accepted as an interim position until the August meeting allowing the board time to find a permanent replacement.  Chair Casey made a motion to accept the conditional nomination.  The motion was seconded by member Sweet.  The motion passed.
Chair Casey made a motion to appoint Mr. Chris Pratt as an alternate board member.  The motion was seconded by member Sweet.  The motion passed.  Chair Casey will submit a nomination letter to the Selectmen and, if approved, Mr. Pratt will be sworn in by the Town Clerk as an alternate member of the board for a three-year term.

New Business
A letter was forwarded from the Selectmen’s Office from Ward Thompson of California.  Mr. Thompson and his brother inherited the property from the estate of his late mother.  The property in question was subdivided, possibly in 1989, creating the two  lots.  The lots apparently have no road frontage according to the Sullivan Tax Map which would make them non-conforming.  There may exist a right-of-way for the property across lot 6-083.  Chris Pratt and Chair Casey will research the property in the Town Archives to determine the exact dates, permits issued, and current property status.   In the letter, Mr. Thompson is requesting the dissolution of the boundary line  and the merging of the two lots and seeking instructions on how to achieve that.  No formal letter/request has been made directly to the Planning Board.  NH RSA 674:3-a requires that a notice of the merger be filed with the county Registrar of Deeds.  Chair Casey made note that at present the town has no existing form for recording merger of property.  Chair Casey will research forms related to this situation on-line.  

The 24th annual Spring Planning&Zoning Conference will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH.  Members wishing to attend should let Chair Casey know as soon as possible.  

Chair Casey reported on several conferences she recently attended.

Chair Casey moved to adjourn.  A. Sweet seconded.  Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  

Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary