Minutes of April 5, 2017

SULLIVAN PLANNING BOARD                    

Minutes of the Meeting of April 5, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Leslie Casey.  In addition to the chairman, members Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles, Mark Smith, Ann Sweet and Milton Trimitsis were present.  There was no selectmen’s representative.

A motion (Smith,Peter Miles) to approve as distributed the minutes of March 1, 2017, passed without dissent.

Organization for the new year

Chairman Casey opened the floor for nomination of Chairman for the next year.  Ann Sweet nominated Chairman Casey for her diligence, attention to detail, widening the awareness of planning board members to planning issues at large, and hard work.  Dott Miles seconded the motion.  The vote in favor was unanimous.

Chairman Casey opened the floor for nomination of Secretary for the year.  Ann Sweet nominated Dott Miles.  Chairman Casey seconded the nomination.  The vote in favor was unanimous.

Chairman Casey expressed appreciation for the work of the outgoing secretary, and bestowed a glass snowy owl on Mrs. Sweet.

Mark Smith agreed to stay on the board, but as an alternate.  Milton Trimitsis agreed to become a regular member.  Chairman Casey will arrange for these changes with the selectmen and the town clerk.

Amendments to the Community Planning Ordinance passed in the March election

Several suggested changes in the printed copy passed out by the chairman were declared scriveners’ errors by consensus.  Chairman Casey will have new copies printed.  Mark Smith suggested a wider distribution, since few people knew about setbacks and other regulations in the CPO and so inadvertently violated them.  Chairman Casey will summarize the changes for the newsletter and point out that residents contemplating changes to their buildings or land should consult the CPO before making changes or additions.  A copy of the CPO will be placed in the library. The CPO is printed in full on the town website:  www.ci.sullivan.nh.us.

Cluster Housing Ordinance
The vote on the CPO changes in the town election included a new section on Alternative Development. The Cluster Housing Ordinance was “discontinued” as part of that addition.

Certification of changes to CPO
RSA 675.6 requires certification by the signatures of a majority of the planning board members and the signed copy filed with the town clerk.  Since these CPO changes were approved by vote of the majority at the town election, the necessity of this certification was questioned.

Office of Energy and Planning Spring Conference
Chairman Casey encouraged members to consider attendance.  There is money in the annual budget for such education of members of the board.

Handbook for Local Officials
Chairman Casey has ordered a copy for each board member.  It is a good reference publication, explaining RSAs and other pertinent issues.

Reconstruction of Centre Street
The selectmen wrote a proposal for the Transportation Advisory Committee of the Southwest Regional Planning Commission to place Centre Street on the Ten-Year Plan for highway improvements:  estimated cost 3.8 million dollars. Nominations for the plan were made by several other towns, and Sullivan’s proposal was at the bottom of the list, surpassed by those with greater hazards, more congestion and other factors.  Even the proposal selected will not be implemented until the year 2028-29.  Not enough funding.

FEMA’s RiskMap Program
The chairman of the board of selectmen attended a FEMA meeting last month to begin the process of better understanding New Hampshire’s flooding risks.  Sullivan lacks a FEMA map for the southern part of town, where most of the flooding has occurred.  Chairman Casey has filled out a questionnaire to be sent to FEMA.  She will email copies to the planning board members.

There being no further business, a motion (Smith, Lewandowski) to adjourn passed without dissent at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sweet, Acting Secretary