Minutes of April 7, 2004

Chairman Steve Hamilton opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m. Members present in addition to the Chair were Joe Fitzpatrick, Geoff Gardner, Dave Jakway, Don Primrose, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Rick Hotchkiss represented the selectmen. Selectman Dick Labadie was also present.

Annual business
A motion (Hotchkiss/Gardner) to reelect Steve Hamilton as Chairman passed without dissent. Mr. Hotchkiss remarked on Chairman Hamilton’s devotion to service and his cool handling of difficult situations.

A motion (Hotchkiss/Gardner) to reelect Ann Sweet as Secretary passed without dissent.

A motion (Hotchkiss/Gardner) to reappoint members whose three-year terms had expired (Don Primrose and Alternate Member Dave Jakway) passed without dissent.

Minutes of the meeting of March 3, 2004, were approved as distributed.

Preliminary Consultation:
Subdivision of Jarvis property on Gilsum Road. The subdivision checklist was reviewed with Richard Jarvis and his son, William. Items 9 (except for 75‚ well radius), 10, 11 (as long as the new lot is at least 5 acres in size), 13, and 16 were deemed non-applicable. It was noted that septic must be 100‚ from any wetland. Mr. Jarvis would like to change the back line of his property to an existing stone wall. It was suggested that this lot-line adjustment be handled at the time of the proposed subdivision. Consequently, all abutters of Carlene Wheeler must also be notified and Mrs. Wheeler must be made party to the actions. An old right of way should be removed and new deeds created. Mr. Jarvis was given a copy of the old plat from a Briscoe survey of 1983.
Volunteer mergers of Primrose-Keene property and Primrose-Price property. Chairman Hamilton asked that notice of the mergers be filed.

Annual Planning Conference
Mr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Gardner (or Mr. Jakway) plan to attend the conference May 8. Mrs. Sweet will see to their registration.

Conservation Commission meeting April 13 on Natural Resource Inventories.
Mrs. Sweet invited planning board members to a presentation on natural resource inventories to be given at the upcoming conservation commission meeting.

Selectmen’s Report
Mr. Hotchkiss expressed disappointment on the failure of Mr. Alexander to appear with the long-expected application for Site Plan Review. He noted that it is important to be consistent in order to be fair to other townspeople. Other enforcement issues were raised: junk yards, unauthorized apartments, unregistered cars in several yards, the need for site plan review (possibly for the new Bolles structure and activity at the old Wyman place, both on South Road).

Master Plan Update
Mrs. Sweet reported that three additional chapters have been mostly completed. About the middle of May, Mr. Switzer will post on the town website he has created the draft of the entire update. An announcement in the town newsletter will alert people to the draft and to a meeting to talk about the draft after the middle of May. It is expected that the draft will be ready for a formal hearing at the regular planning board meeting in September.

A committee (to be organized in May or June) recommending the creation of new zones in the town might require changes to the land use section of the Master Plan and another formal hearing in the fall.

Changes to the Building Permit Application
Several changes (relating to the new wetlands protection district, to retention of water on property, and to driveway permits) were discussed. Mrs. Sweet will convey the proposed changes to the selectmen for their approval.

Stormwater Retention
Mrs. Sweet passed out a summary of a conference on stormwater retention which recommended innovative methods, such as "rain gardens" to replace detention ponds (which take up land, pose hazards, and grow algae). The article (in a recent issue of the Connecticut Rover Joint Commission's River Valley News) mentioned a proposed Home Depot store in West Lebanon which will be landscaped with bio-retention cells scattered throughout its parking lot to soak up stormwater rather than flushing it away.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary