Minutes of August 1, 2012

  Minutes of the Meeting of August 1, 2012

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members  Laura Lewandowski, and Ann Sweet.  Gary Patnode represented the selectmen and provided the quorum.  Absent were Dave Jakway, John Little, and Mark Smith.  Present, also, were Steven Sullivan, Rich Sullivan, David Mann and, later in the meeting, David and Linda Kinson.

A motion (Lewandowski, Sweet) to approve the minutes of June 6, 2012, passed without dissent. However, only three of the people present had been at the June 6 meeting, so full approval was postponed until the September 5 meeting.

Lot line adjustment for properties of Steven and Carol Sullivan and the Sullivan Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Mr. Mann, surveyor for the Sullivans, presented a plat showing the new line between the adjacent properties at 270 and 282 Centre Street.  2+ acres will be moved from 282 Centre to 270 Centre to contain the growing farm within the acreage of that property.  Chairman Hamilton reviewed the requirements for subdivision approval, and all relevant ones had been met except for naming the owner of the water easement on the property at 282 Centre Street and indicating the easement on the existing driveway at 282 Centre Street for use by the Sullivan Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  In accord with RSA 676.4, it was decided no public hearing would be necessary since the lot line adjustment did not create a buildable lot.
A motion (Lewandowski/Patnode) to approve the proposed lot line adjustment when the easement requirements have been added to the plat passed without dissent.  The Sullivans will make the changes and bring the plat to be signed.  They will then file the plat and the new property deeds with the county registry of deeds.

Chairman Hamilton suggested to board members as a resource the planning board handbook available at this site:

Chairman Hamilton pointed out that state law allows planning board members to serve on other boards but not two on the same board.  Consequently, either Mr. Hamilton or Mrs. Lewandowski will need to step down from the ZBA.  The town clerk will be consulted.

Permission to reactivate a long abandoned gravel pit
David Kinson of Keene, who owns property on Gilsum Road, wished to have his gravel pit, not used for any commercial purpose in years, recognized as active.  The board asked him to fill out an application for permission for earth excavation and bring it back to the planning board.

Chairman Hamilton asked Selectman Patnode for selectmen concerns.  There have been a number of complaints in two parts of town of guns, even small cannons, fired at inappropriate hours.  Should the town pass a noise ordinance?  State regulations are unclear.

Master Plan
The hour being late, it was decided to postpone discussion of the housing and population chapter of the 2005 Master Plan and comparing it with similar chapters from other towns.

A motion (Lewandowski/Patnode) to adjourn passed without dissent at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary