Minutes of August 1, 2018

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 1 August 2018

Present:  Leslie Casey (chair), Laura Lewandowski, Chris Pratt (alternate, subbing for Peter Miles), Ann Sweet, Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Laura Merrifield (ex officio)

Meeting convened at 7:00pm

L Merrifield moved to accept the July minutes as amended; L Casey seconded.  The following amendments were accepted:
Correct the Rokes address from 95 to 96 Ferry Brook Road
Change “buildings” to “residential units” in the discussion of the Rokes boundary line adjustment
Add “375 Route 9” to the heading of the Walters Driveway Permit application discussion
Note that Ward Thompson’s lot is on Route 9
Note that Lot 6-11-001 will be eliminated in the Thompson lot merger.
Indicate for clarity that “L. Merrifield reported that” Eric White made a proposal regarding Jewett Park.
Add the following language regarding the proposed parking area at Jewett Park:  “The Trails Committee should consult with the Planning Board to make sure that Site Plan Review is not necessary.”  

All agreed to approve the minutes as amended.

L Casey moved to approve the minutes for the June 12th 96 Ferry Brook Road site walk as amended.  All agreed to approve the minutes.

Walters driveway permit

L Casey reported that she forwarded the approved driveway permit to the Road Agent and informed him that he is to inspect the driveway work once it is completed and return a signed copy of the permit to the planning board.

Rokes boundary line adjustment

L Casey reported that the Planning Board has received the required mylar showing the boundary line adjustment.  L Merrifield reported that the land sale may be delayed because of the need to calculate the Change of Land Use tax on the 3 acres that are being conveyed.  It was noted that receipt of proof of conveyance of the Brock land to Rokes, such as a quitclaim deed, is a condition for final approval of the boundary line adjustment and for recording at the county Registry of Deeds.

Thompson lot merger

L Casey reported that the Registry of Deeds accepted the lot merger.  She sent copies of the stamped notice of merger to the landowner and the Selectmen.

L Casey discussed the need to create a standard template for a voluntary lot merger, formatted to be acceptable for recording by the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.


L Casey discussed whether the PB is required to conduct a site visit prior to accepting an application for a subdivision.  The existing subdivision regulations state that the PB shall visit such properties, which does not reflect the PB’s current practice.  L Casey will investigate this matter further.

A Sweet raised the concern that an abutter to the new cell tower on Old Concord Road has experienced muddy runoff from the construction site.  The abutter was asking to whom he should direct his concerns.  The NH DES is the enforcement authority.

L Casey discussed proposed topics for Community Planning Ordinance amendments, including building heights, definition of dwelling units, alternate sanitary systems, light pollution, alternative development, steep slopes, driveway permits.  She will provide updated draft amendments in advance of the next planning board meeting.

L Casey moved to adjourn; L Merrifield seconded.  All agreed to adjourn the meeting at 8:38pm.

Submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary