Minutes of August 2, 2017

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
02 August 2017

The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m.

Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis

Selectman Representative:   Laura Merrifield
Public:  Allen Vandiver (44 Hubbard Road)

A motion to accept the minutes of the July 5, 2017 meeting was made by A.  Sweet; seconded by L. Lewandowski.  The motion passed unanimously and the minutes were accepted as written.  

VANDIVER DRIVEWAY PERMIT APPLICATION, TAX MAP 3 LOT 99:  Allen Vandiver presented a driveway application form to the board.  Chairman Casey referred to a letter she received from the Zoning Board dated June 16, 2017 regarding the application for a variance by Allen Vandiver to build a 200 square foot house at 44 Hubbard Road (Tax Map 03 Lot 99).  He proposes to live in the home while clearing the land to build a larger, code-conforming home on the 5.2 acre property.  The variance listed several conditions, including a valid certificate of occupancy, which would allow Mr. Vandiver to live in the ‘tiny house’ for a maximum of 5 years and then the structure would have to be taken down. A driveway permit is a prerequisite to granting of a building permit.  

A discussion was led by Selectman Merrifield questioning the need for a driveway permit as there is an existing driveway on the property used by the former landowner and no changes are proposed for the first 50 feet.  Also, the Road Agent had indicated to Merrifield that the existing driveway had never been a problem and in his view there was no need for a driveway permit. Therefore, it was suggested a waiver of the ZBA condition be granted.  Further discussions involved questions of the driveway being ‘grandfathered’; abandonment of the residential land use (trailer on property was removed in 2013); and non-conforming usage. Since residential use is an allowed use under the CPO, the concept of abandonment was found not to be applicable in this case. Since a new residential structure is being planned, it was determined a permit is required.

A motion was made by Chair Casey to accept the application; Selectman Merrifield seconded the motion.  Motion passed with one abstention.
Further discussion was held as to slope of the property, drainage, and the construction and paving of the apron to meet Sullivan Driveway Regulation requirements.  The Driveway Committee will arrange for a site visit to address these concerns.  A motion was made by A Sweet and seconded by L Merrifield to await receiving the review report of slope, drainage, and apron issues from the Driveway Committee.  Motion passed without opposition.


Bergeron/MacNichol Minor Lot Line Adjustment – Chair Casey sent a letter dated 07.25.2017 to Mr. Bergeron reminding him that pins must be placed along the proposed line adjustment before the site review can take place.  Chair Casey also noted that any issue with accessing the property because of a dog/s, the site review would have to be rescheduled to a time when he could be present.  I was also stated that a check for the plat and quit-claim deed filings is required.  At the time of the board meeting, Chair Casey had not heard from Mr. Bergeron.

John Bolles Driveway Permit – Chair Casey sent a letter to Mr. Bolles dated July 12th stating the board’s conditional approval of his driveway permit.  The following conditions were stated:

The permitted driveway would revert to agricultural use only

$1800 was to be placed in escrow for the paving of the driveway

The driveway meets the regulations

Mr. Bowles keeps the culvert and surrounding area clear of leaves, etc.

Mr. Bowles to rough-in the proposed driveway subject to a site visit by the Driveway Committee

Dimensional indications (in feet) be placed on sketch of property indicating placement of driveway


Linda Kinson Subdivision Permit – Chair Casey received a letter from Ms. Kinson dated 07.28.2017 regarding a subdivision of property at Gilsum Road.  Chair Casey invited Ms. Kinson to attend this meeting with the subdivision application.  Chair Casey also e-mailed copies of the CPO and Subdivision Regulations to Ms. Kinson.  No further action was needed as Ms. Kinson was not present and no application was presented.

Informational Letters

Chair Casey was copied on the Selectmen letter regarding the property of Mr.&Mrs. Rokes  on Ferrybrook Road.  At present, one residence and a barn exist on the property.  A permit had been granted some years ago for an apartment on the 2nd floor of the barn.  Recently, the Rokes’ were found by the assessors to have turned the 1st floor of the barn into another accessory dwelling.  The letter states the Rokes need to petition the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

A letter from the NHDES was read by Chair Casey regarding the work to be done by the state on the shoulder and bridge along a 2.1 miles strip of Route 9 from Granite Gorge to Centre Street.  No dates for the proposed work could be found in the letter.

Selectman Merrifield read a letter from Mark Smith and Kevin Wheeler regarding the excavation on property co-owned on Gilsum Road.  Smith and Wheeler will be extracting gravel for person use only and will fall short of the cubic yardage limit set forth by the state that would require permits.  They will use an existing logging road as access to the property.

Selectman Merrifield discussed a letter received by the Selectmen regarding the placement of an 8x16 ft sign to be placed on private property on Old Concord Road.  The purpose of the sign is to advertise the owner’s business.  Sullivan has no sign ordinances at present.  It was discussed whether this situation falls under DOT regulations.  Is this sign considered a billboard?  

Proposed topics to be considered at a later time:

Wording in the CPO for Article V – 5A Building Permit Requirements.  As it is written now, the article states a permit is required for structures over 400 sq. ft.  Should it be reworded to state a permit is required for structures 400 sq. ft and greater?

Clarification on when a Driveway Permit requirement can be waived.

Define and place regulations regarding long-term camping (tent, motor home, etc.) in CPO.

Chair Casey and Selectman Merrifield to combine priority lists which would be circulated to Planning Board Members for their input.  

Motion to adjourn made by Chair Casey and seconded by Selectman Merrifield.  No discussion.  Motion passed unanimously.  

Meeting Adjourned:  8:33 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary