Minutes of August 4, 2004

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Present, in addition to the chairman, were Geoff Gardner, Dave Jakway, Ann Sweet and Bob Switzer. Absent were Joe Fitzpatrick, Rick Hotchkiss, and Don Primrose. Richard Labadie represented the selectmen. Dave Jakway substituted for Joe Fitzpatrick.

Continued preliminary consultation on proposed lot line adjustment at 201 Gilsum Road
Dale Blanchard presented the plat for the proposed lot line adjustment. Review of the checklist showed nothing missing. Mr. Blanchard presented language for the deeds for both lots, one granting the easement across the larger property for the driveway cut for the smaller (2.95 acres) lot, the other noting the right to access by the smaller lot across the larger. A hearing was set for September 1. Notice of $5 per abutter and $25 for newspaper notice, totaling $130, was paid for by Mr. Blanchard. 

Fall planning conference set for October 30.
Save the date.

Driveway issues on the South Road: Primrose and Brooks properties
Mr. Primrose had piled up fill to prevent access to a driveway that had been used by now adjoining properties for more than 20 years. Consequently, Mr. Brooks had asked the driveway committee about placement of a new driveway. Consensus among the planning board members was that such continuous use had established a right which could not be cut off by a pile of fill. Mr. Brooks had planned to ask the planning board about having the proposed new driveway cut closer than the required 20 feet from the property line, but he did not appear. Planning board members wondered whether any house could ever be built on the Primrose property, which is less than an acre, must have a new septic system, and is further constrained by a right of way across the back of the lot.

Master Plan update
Mr. Switzer reported that the committee has finished all but one chapter. Mrs. Sweet suggested that the public hearing be set for the October planning board meeting so that it could be publicized in the next town newsletter.

Heavy trucks on South Road
Mr. Jakway reported that 15 or 20 trucks a day have been hauling fill to the property in Roxbury where logging has been going on. He noted that the edges of the town road are beginning to crumble.

County jail
Mrs. Sweet reported that the three county commissioners had recently voted 2-1 to approve a plan for a new jail of larger than expected proportions on the rich riverine soils where the Maplewood Demonstration Garden and a large part of the county farm are now growing crops. She pointed out that the decision had been made without public hearing. Sullivan‚s commissioner opposed the plan. She was unsure about the finality of the decision but suggested calling state representatives to voice opinion about the plan and the process might be of use.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary