Minutes of August 4, 2010

Chairman Bob Switzer called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members  Michelle Degree,  Laura Lewandowski,  and Ann Sweet. .  Absent were Dave Jakway, John Little, and  Selectmen‘s representative Cheryl Labadie. Also present were Carlene Wheeler, Richard Jarvis, Steve Hamilton, and Mark Smith.  Al Henry, Director of Emergency Management, entered during the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting of July 7 were approved as distributed.

Public hearing on the application of Richard Jarvis for a subdivision of his property on Gilsum Road:  7:25 p.m.
Chairman Switzer reviewed the items on the subdivision checklist.  Mr. Jarvis presented the State approval for subdivision, the preliminary acknowledgment that a septic system design might be submitted for subsequent approval with a reminder about wetlands.  When copies of the plat and the soils map were circulated, it was noted that Mrs. Wheeler’s name appeared on the mylar plat as co-owner of the property.   It was agreed that the plat must be amended to remove her name.  It was also agreed that note #10 on the plat needed to be expanded to state that the right of way currently belonging to the Wheelers on the remaining Jarvis property was to be discontinued.  Mrs. Wheeler declared that giving up that right of way, once she bought the new lot, was to be compensation for the pie slice of the Jarvis property to be added to the existing Wheeler property.

The hearing on completeness of the application was continued until the next meeting of the planning board:  September 1.  Mrs. Wheeler kept the mylar; the board kept the paper copies.

The highway garage energy project will not begin until next spring to allow adequate time for finding contractors before winter.

The chairman will convene the Master Plan subcommittee to review the questionnaire  sent out in 2005 to assess public opinions about town development.

The board had hoped the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen would be present to update the planning board about her proposal to bring the budget committee and the planning board together to work out a Capital Improvement Plan for the town and to discuss maintenance issues.

Mark Smith will ask the selectmen to appoint him to the planning board as an alternate member.

Hazard Mitigation planning
Al Henry, Director of Emergency Management, asked the board to let him know of steps that might be taken to reduce hazards in the town, such as culverts that lack sufficient capacity for flooding or driveways that should be widened to accommodate emergency vehicles.   He is updating the hazard mitigation plan for the town.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary