Minutes of December 5, 2018

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 5 December 2018

Present:  Leslie Casey (chair), Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Ann Sweet, Laura Lewandowski, Peter Miles, Dott Miles (arrived at 7:39pm), Chris Pratt (alternate), Marsha Cook (select board representative).

Community members:  James Walters (373-375 Route 9), Kelly Dowd (attorney for James Walters), and Wendy Pelletier (surveyor for James Walters).

Meeting convened at 7:00pm

C Pratt was named as substitute for D Miles.  Upon the arrival of D Miles at 7:39pm, she reoccupied the full member position.

L  Casey moved to accept the minutes from the November 2018 meeting; A Sweet seconded.  All voted to approve the minutes with typographical corrections.

C Pratt moved to accept the minutes from the site walk at 375 Rt 9; Marsha Cook seconded.  All approved the minutes with typographical corrections.

Walters Lot Line Adjustment – 375 Route 9 (Tax Map 6-11-1, 2&4)
L Casey reported on the site walk (from 13 November 2018) at the Walters property at 375 Route 9.  L Casey reported that the Planning Board failed to notify the Conservation Commission of the November site walk.  Kelly Dowd requested a waiver for the requirement that the Con Com attend the site walk.  L Casey moved to waive the requirement for a boundary walk as the proposed adjustment does not affect any development; seconded by M Cook.  All approved.  

W Pelletier submitted an updated plan showing the well radius, as requested at the November 2018 Planning Board meeting.

J Kelly reported that J Walters has a construction permit for the newly-sited septic system, with all State and Town approvals in place.   M Cook confirmed on behalf of the Select Board that the septic construction permit has been issued.

P Miles moved to accept the application as complete; M Cook seconded.  All approved.  C Pratt moved to accept the Lot Line Adjustment conditioned on a deed being recorded with the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds; A Sweet seconded.  All approved.

It was agreed that W Pelletier would take care of providing to the Planning Board the plat on mylar and the deed conveying the affected land, along with a check for the necessary fees for recording with the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.

Public Hearing regarding CPO Amendments
The duly-noticed hearing was convened at 7:40pm.  W Pelletier of Centre St was in attendance as a member of the public.  L Casey reviewed the proposed changes to the Community Planning Ordinance.  

W Pelletier suggested that the new section of Article IV, General Provisions, A, Dwelling Units, should be located in the Definitions section of the CPO.  C Pratt commented that the definition in the General Provisions differs from that in the Definitions Section (Article X).  M Cook asked why sanitation systems are defined in this section while other attributes of a Dwelling Unit are not defined.  C Pratt explained that sanitation systems are mandated by the state, while other attributes of a Dwelling Unit are not mandated by the state.  The PB will change the Definitions section to reflect the language in IV A 1.

Discussing IV.I (seasonal dwellings):  M Cook discussed the requirement to remove an occupied recreational vehicle, tent, or homemade shelter from a property after 90 days.  W Pelletier pointed out that (Section I 4) no provision is made for sanitation in a “tent or homemade shelter”.  L Casey suggested tabling this section for further discussion within the board.

Discussing IV.N (Alternative Development):  W Pelletier pointed out that 10 units on 20% of a 20-acre lot is likely impossible to achieve in Sullivan in practical terms, and that the 20% standard was created envisioning an alternative development in a location where municipal sewer and water service are available.  She suggested that 50% of a 20-acre rural lot might be a more realistic standard.

Discussing IV.O (Steep Slopes).  W Pelletier asked why steep slopes are not defined in this section.  W Pelletier also asked if the fire department had any opinion about steep slopes.  The Board suggested removing the sentence about driveways.

L Casey proposed to extend this hearing, to accommodate further research and discussion, to 3 January 2019 at 7:00pm at Town Hall; D Miles seconded.  All approved.

L Casey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:04pm; M Cook seconded.  All approved.  

Minutes submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary.