Minutes of December 6, 2017

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
06 December 2017

The meeting came to order at 7:01 p.m.

Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis
Selectman Representative:   Jeffrey Burbank

A motion was made by Ann Sweet and seconded by Peter Miles to accept the minutes of the November 1, 2017 meeting.  The motion passed unanimously, and the minutes were accepted.  

Chair Casey mentioned the passing of our town Road Agent, Randy Smith.  A moment of silence was observed.

On-going Business

BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING REPORT:  The Planning Board’s budget proposal presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30 pm.  Selectman Merrifield offered to present the budget to the committee if no one from the board could attend.  Ann Sweet volunteered to attend the meeting.  It was noted at this time that the proposed budget reflected the increase of $9 for the Southwest Planning Commission dues.

Chair Casey sent a letter, dated November 1, 2017, to Mr. Bergeron stating that the documentation conveying a small piece of land from John McNichol to Mr. Bergeron presented to the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds was not accepted.  
The following issues were cited:
1.  The information was not presented in an acceptable format
2.  The deed presented was not a proper quit-claim deed   

Chair Casey provided an example of the proper form with the letter to Mr. Bergeron noting that an improper conveyance could affect the future sale of the land.  Mr. Bergeron was reminded that not filing the proper information, could result in the possible revocation of the lot line adjustment.  Mr. Bergeron related to Chair Casey that he had received the letter and would not be providing any further documentation.  Mr. Bergeron stated that he was told by the Registry of Deeds office that the documentation he submitted was acceptable.  A copy of the RSA was handed out to the board members.  The plat has been recorded under the RSA, but the copy of the quit-claim deed was not.  

The Sullivan CPO Article IV Section F has general provisions for hazardous uses.  A draft of a town Dark Skies Ordinance was handed out.  Selectman Burbank mentioned that the selectmen were concerned over the ordinance having some teeth and an issue with enforcement.  It was also brought up that Sullivan has an observatory and what effect light encroachment would have on it.  Chair Casey will introduce a draft of any Dark Skies Ordinance to the selectmen and the Zoning Board.  It is evident that more research into this area is necessary and that possibly the International Dark Skies Association and/or any astronomy associations would be good resources.  The issue was tabled for future discussion.

It was determined that existing scrivener’s errors may be corrected without the need for a hearing.  However, caution should be used in making corrections regarding the ripple-effect such changes may have in other existing documents.  

It was brought up that the town does not have ‘zones’ as mentioned in Article IV C regarding erosion and run-off, and steep slopes.  

The town also has no existing parking lot ordinance.  Chair Casey will look further into existing rules in other towns.

It was brought to the Planning Board’s attention by the selectmen that Article IV General Provisions Section A – 1 Manufactured Housing (Dwelling Units) should be separated into to a two-part section.  They suggested the wording should not be too broad as to include campers in this section which would allow residency status to occupants.  Article IV Section I deals with seasonal dwellings and it was suggested a time limit of possibly 90 days be put on occupancy of campers.  It was noted this ordinance for camp grounds states that there must be 5 or more campers on the property to qualify as a campground.  Further changes in this section could include elimination of compost toilets and incinerators, and the addition of use of a holding tank.  

Article IV General Provisions Section D – 2 should be updated to include nonconforming discontinued driveways.

Article IV General Provisions Section N – 6 should have a preamble sentence added in front of “the entire density of …” which includes an explanation of the purpose for this ordinance is to make sure land is protected in accordance with the provision of NH RSA 674.21 (Innovative Land Use Controls) VI (village plan alternative).

Article IV General Provisions Section O. Under section 1 “and other land clearing” should be deleted.  Under section 2 ‘planning board’ should be removed and replaced with “board of selectmen and/or its agent”.

Article V Building Permits Section D – 2 “Will not cause unreasonable soil erosion …” should tie in to the steep slope ordinance.
Article VI The Board of Adjustment Section C – 10 Wireless Communication Facilities should be reviewed at some point in the future. 

Article XI Definitions: Recreational Vehicles should be worked on; Steep Slope definition should be deleted.

New Business 

Chair Casey received a letter that the state had issued a permit to Andrew Robinson, 874 Centre Street for paved access to be done to his driveway changing it from gravel to pavement.  As changing the composition of a driveway is considered driveway improvement/construction, the question was raised that Mr. Robinson needs to submit a town permit to ensure that the change meets local municipal ordinances.  Paul Yawarski is acting as temporary town road agent at this time and therefore will be included on the Driveway Committee.  Chair Casey will send a letter to Mr. Robinson stating the requirement of a municipal permit.  

The remaining portion of the meeting was informational.

In November, Chair Casey and members of the Board of Selectman made a site inspection of the Forrest property on Centre Street.  A letter was sent by the selectmen to Mr. Forrest citing deadlines for clean-up of the site and actions to be taken for non-compliance.

Chair Casey attended and reported on the Regional Planning Commissions annual meeting.  The topic was “Emergency Preparedness”.  Basically, the theme was more about ‘speaking Federal language’ to get FEMA dollars than about creating an emergency plan. 

Selectman Burbank informed the Board that the Selectmen held a public hearing and voted to accept additional highway funds.

A motion to adjourn was made by Chair Casey and seconded by M. Trimitsis.  The motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  
Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary