Minutes of February 14, 2018

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
14 February 2018
The meeting came to order at 7:02 p.m.
Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis
Selectman Representative:   Jeffrey Burbank
Public Attendees:  Andrew Robinson, 874 Centre Street, Sullivan

Member Trimitsis move to accept the January 2018 minutes.  Member Sweet seconded the motion.  A discussion was held noting scrivener’s errors.  After these changes were made, a vote was held to accept the minutes as amended with no dissention.

Public Session
In response to Chair Casey’s letter dated January 3, 2018 regarding a NH DOT permit issued for the paving of the property owned by Andrew Robinson at 847 Centre Street, Mr. Robinson filed a Sullivan driveway permit application for the paving of the shared driveway located at that location.  Mr. Robinson had been unaware that he needed to file an application with the Town of Sullivan as well.  With the state approval already in place, Mr. Robinson had the work done.  After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Chair Casey to:  a. waive the requirement of the presentation of a sketch of the property since it was an existing driveway; b.  grant the driveway permit ex post facto, subject to an inspection by Acting Road Agent Paul Yawarski when the weather permits.  The motion was seconded by member Trimitsis.  The motion passed without dissention.

On-going Business
Chair Casey suggested individual members review the CPO for next month’s meeting and research information on a proposed Dark Skies Ordinance.  Casey suggested creating a time table to allow for proper discussions and public hearings on proposed CPO amendments throughout the year.  The board did a cursory review of which articles would need further up-dating/amending.  
Proposed CPO amendments include:

Clarification of requirements for dwelling units (including seasonal dwellings)

An expanded ordinance covering light pollution/illumination as a hazardous use

Specification of requirements under RSA 674:21, Article IV that encourage proper land use under Alternative Development

Addition of a requirement for a driveway permit prior to resuming use of a driveway after a period of abandonment

Members were encouraged to review the regulations regarding the public hearing process aligned to revisions to the CPO.

It was mentioned that the current Master Plan is due for up-dating by 2025.  Preparation for that is an on-going process.

A brief discussion was held on the outstanding driveway permit issues to Mr. John Bolles by the Planning Board.  A conditional permit was issued and as of this meeting, the conditions listed on the permit have not been addressed.  There has been no further communication by Mr. Bolles on his intent to procede with the driveway.

New Business
Chair Casey was informed by the Town Clerk of the expiration of the terms of some Planning Board members.  Those members whose terms are ending are:  Leslie Casey, Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles and Ann Sweet.  As this is a majority of the board, the Town Clerk suggested that some members terms be changed to 1-, 3- or 4-year terms to avoid this situation.  Member Sweet agreed to a 1-year term; members D. Miles and P. Miles agreed to 3-year terms.  It was iterated that the board should be comprised of 7 members, including 1 ex-officio member (a representative from the Board of Selectmen), and 3 alternative members.  It was also noted that this was the last meeting for the Selectmen’s representative Jeffrey Burbank.  The Planning Board thanks Mr. Burbank for his work and insight during his tenure.

The 24th annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH.  Members wishing to attend should let Chair Casey know as soon as possible.  Members can visit www.nh.gov/osi for conference details.  Registration opens February 27th.

A letter was received by Chair Casey from the NH Department of Environmental Services regard the progress of the cell tower on James Price’s land on Old Concord Road, Sullivan.  The department has done a site inspection and found several issues:  erosion and settlement controls not properly installed and/or maintained; stream bed and side slopes disturbed before and/or during the process of installing an open-bottom culvert; stream bed and side slopes caused sediment laden run off to flow downstream into adjacent wetland in violation of RSA 482-A:3.  The NH DES was contacted, and they indicated that an extension had been granted until April for a remediation plan to be filed with the Department. Chair Casey will follow up, in an effort to determine whether any substantial changes to the site plan are contemplated, which could necessitate that the landowner again come before the Town’s land use boards for approval.

Chair Casey moved to adjourn.  M Trimitsis seconded.  Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  

Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary