Minutes of January 1, 2019

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 1 January 2019

Present:  Leslie Casey (chair), Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Ann Sweet, Laura Lewandowski, Marsha Cook (Select Board representative), Peter Miles, Dott Miles, Chris Pratt 

Meeting convened at 7:00pm. Chris Pratt was named by L. Casey to sit in for Peter Miles.

M. Cook moved to approve minutes of 5 Dec 2018; A. Sweet seconded.  All voted to approve the minutes as written.

Public Hearing regarding proposed CPO amendments (continued from 5 Dec 18)
As no members of the public were in attendance, L. Casey moved to close the public hearing; M. Cook seconded.  All approved.

Peter Miles and Dorothy Miles arrived at 7:15pm.  Chris Pratt stepped down and Peter Miles assumed his usual seat.

Discussion of proposed CPO amendments
Discussing Article IV.N, Alternative Development:  The Board discussed the wording of the proposed amendment to the ordinance, and the percentage of open space that is required.  A. Sweet moved to change the minimum lot size for Alternative Development from 20 acres to 50 acres.  For lack of a second, the motion died.  A. Sweet moved to abandon the Alternative Development section of the CPO, but withdrew the motion.

Discussing IV.O, Steep Slopes:  The Board discussed whether it was problematic that the text of this section does not specifically mention steep slopes, only topography.  It was agreed that the issue of steep slopes is implied, and that the amendment was clear as written.  Reference was made to the definition of steep slopes later in the CPO.

Discussing temporary shelters and sanitation in IV.I, Seasonal Dwellings, Recreational Vehicles, and Temporary Shelters:  The Board discussed the requirement to remove the RV, etc., from the lot at the conclusion of 90 days.  The Board felt that the removal requirement would be important if there were to be any enforcement of that portion of the ordinance, and that the proposed amendment does provide for extensions of occupancy of such structures.

The board discussed the definition of dwelling unit, and the importance of making sure that it agrees with the use of the term in the rest of the CPO.  L Casey also suggested an adjustment to the modified definition, and the Board agreed that it would be beneficial.

Discussing proposed Warrant Articles:  
C. Pratt stated that the proposed warrant articles should only include language that the Planning Board is proposing to change, but not surrounding contextual language that is not changing.   L. Casey moved to put forward warrant articles based on the draft discussed at the meeting; M Trimitsis seconded.  All approved.


L. Casey reported that she is requesting a smaller budget allocation for the Planning Board as the board had not spent its allocation in the previous 2 years.

L. Casey moved to adjourn; D. Miles seconded.  All approved.  The meeting adjourned at 8:54pm.

Minutes submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary.