Minutes January 3, 2018

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
03 January 2018

The meeting came to order at 7:03 p.m.

Those present:

Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis

Selectman Representative:   Jeffrey Burbank

Public Attendees:  Kevin Wheeler, Gilsum Road; Richard Jarvis, 81 Gilsum Road

Public Session
Mr. Richard Jarvis and Mr. Kevin Wheeler, acting on behalf of the Wheeler Revocable Trust, petitioned the Planning Board to partially revoke a subdivision and minor boundary line adjustment granted by the Planning Board to the Jarvis and Wheeler properties on September 17, 2010 (-Subdivision and Boundary Line Adjustment Plat of Map 3: Lots 31.001, 31-004&31-006).  The subdivision created lot 3-31-006 out of Mr. Jarvis’ property, lot 3-31-001.  For the minor boundary line adjustment, Mr. Jarvis gave the land in question to lot 03.31.004, which was owned by Karl and Carlene Wheeler.  However, the deed reflecting the conveyance of the land was never properly recorded with the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.  According to the Sullivan Subdivision Regulations (2008) Article X  REVOCATION OF PLANNING BOARD APPROVAL Item 3, the Planning Board has the option to revoke any permit when the applicant has failed to perform a condition of approval within the time specified or within four years.  

Chair Casey made a motion to invoke Article X due to the failure to properly file a conveyance for the minor boundary line adjustment as grounds for partial revocation of the Planning Board approval.  The motion was seconded by M. Trimitsis.  The motion carried and the Declaration of Partial Revocation of Approved Plan, provided by Mr. Wheeler, was signed by Chair Casey and Secretary Miles.

Member Trimitsis move to accept the December 2017 minutes.  Chair Casey seconded the motion.  A discussion was held noting scrivener’s errors and a minor clarification/adjustment.  After these changes were made, a vote was held to accept the minutes as amended with no dissention.

On-going Business
Chair Casey talked with Mr. Todd Bergeron again.  Mr. Bergeron related that he presented the Agreement indicating the intention to convey land from John McNichol to Mr. Bergeron to allow a minor boundary line adjustment to another clerk at the Cheshire County Registrar of Deeds who this time accepted the documentation.  The board’s recording requirements for the boundary line adjustment have been met and the matter is now closed.

It was determined that there was no sense of urgency in further reviewing the COP as the most pressing revisions were accepted at last year’s town meeting.  Chair Casey suggested individual members review the CPO for next month’s meeting and research information on a proposed Dark Skies Ordinance.  Casey suggested creating a time table to allow for proper discussions and public hearings on proposed CPO amendments throughout the year.

Chair Casey sent a letter to Mr. Andrew Robinson (874 Centre Street) stating that a permit application to pave his driveway must be filed with and approved by the Planning Board before any paving takes place.  Mr. Robinson has a letter from the state granting a permit to pave his driveway subject to municipal regulations.  However, without a municipal permit, any paving done by Mr. Robinson will be out of compliance with the Sullivan Driveway Regulations.   
Chair Casey moved to adjourn.  A Sweet seconded.  Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  

Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary