Minutes of January 4, 2012

In expectation of more members’ arrival on this cold night, Chairman Bob Switzer delayed the opening of the meeting until 7:10 p.m.. Present, in addition to the chairman,were members Michelle Degree, Ann Sweet, and Mark Smith. Absent were members Dave Jakway, Laura Lewandowski, and John Little. There was no selectmen‘s representative.

Minutes of the meeting of December 7, 2011, were approved as distributed.

Capital improvement plan
Recalling that this issue has been pending, the chairman asked for volunteers to visit different departments to find out what capital needs they foresee for the next five years:

Fire department: Michelle Degree
Selectmen: Bob Switzer
Highway department: Mark Smith
Library: Ann Sweet

The chairman asked each individual to meet with the assigned department before the next planning board meeting, February 4, 2012, and report at that meeting on needs outlined by the department.
The chairman also asked for the example of the last CIP prepared by the planning board. Mrs. Sweet recalled that it appears in the 1995 version of the Master Plan. That plan will be used as a model.

Highway garage boiler installation
Mrs. Sweet reported that the new boiler stands in its protected spot about 100 feet from the highway garage. The pipe was laid in the trench and completely covered on January 3, the first step in installation. The digging of the trench had been done by Paul Jawarski on a day before Christmas when the piping had been expected. Delivery of the piping delayed, the contractor’s part of the project began only on January 3. The project should be complete within two weeks, barring further delays.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sweet, Secretary