Minutes of July 11, 2018

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 20180711

Present:  Leslie Casey (chair), Dott Miles, Peter Miles, Chris Pratt (alternate, subbing for Ann Sweet), Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Laura Merrifield (ex officio)

General public:  Wendy Pelletier (Cardinal Surveying&Land Planning representing K&C Rokes of 96 Ferry Brook Road), Keith Rokes, Crystal Rokes, Brad Brock

The meeting began at 7:01pm.

L Casey designated alternate member Chris Pratt to serve in place of Ann Sweet, who was absent.

June minutes were accepted with the following amendments:
 - the note about the change in date of the July meeting was moved from the discussion of the Rokes boundary line adjustment to Varia.

Rokes boundary line adjustment, 96 Ferry Brook Road
L Casey reviewed the 96 Ferry Brook boundary line adjustment that was first presented at the June 2018 meeting of the planning board.  It was noted that no vote should have been taken accepting the application as complete at that meeting, as it was not a noticed meeting for that application [see RSA 676:4 I(c)].    C Pratt moved to accept the application as complete; D Miles seconded.  All approved.  L Merrifield stated that the Board of Selectmen is in favor of this boundary line adjustment as it cures an existing non-conforming condition, i.e., that of three residential units on a 1-acre lot.

L Casey noted that the approval of the boundary line adjustment would be contingent on the completion and recording of the sale and presentation of a deed conveying the property to Rokes.  C Pratt moved to accept the application; D Miles seconded.  All approved.

Walters Driveway Permit application at 375 Route 9

The driveway committee (Peter Miles and Todd Smith (Road Agent)) conducted a site walk of the proposed driveway.  P Miles reported that the edge of the proposed driveway has no setback from the adjacent lot (also owned by Mr Walters).  If J Walters wants to sell the other lot, he may need to seek a boundary line adjustment so that the driveway has the required setback of 20’ (Article IV, paragraph 7 in the Sullivan Driveway Regulations).

L Merrifield moved to accept the Sullivan Driveway Application for the increase of use and extension of the Walters driveway; D Miles seconded.  All approved.

The driveway permit application was signed by the Chair.  Copies of the approved permit will be provided to Mr. Walters and the Board of Selectmen.  The Road Agent will be notified that an inspection of the completed work must be done and must sign off on it.

Ward Thompson lot merger on Route 9

L Casey informed the board that Ward Thompson has filed a Notice of Merger with the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds regarding his intention to merge 2 lots that he owns on Route 9 (Tax Map 6-11-003 and Tax Map 6-11-001). 

L Merrifield moved to grant this merger; P Miles seconded.  All approved.

The new lot will be designated 6-11-003, and 6-11-001 will be elmininated.  L Casey will take it to the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds to be recorded, at which point she will notify the selectmen.

Proposed parking area at Jewett Park

Laura Merrifield reported that Eric White, representing the Conservation Commission, proposed to the Selectman that the Town should recreate a formerly-existing parking area at Jewett Park.  L Merrifield informed the Board that the Trails Committee should consult with the Planning Board to make sure that Site Plan Review is not necessary.

L Casey moved to adjourn; L Merrifield seconded.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary