Minutes of July 5, 2006

Meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by Chairman Steve Hamilton. Other members present included Michelle Degree, Joe Fitzpatrick, Keith Martin, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. There was no selectmen's representative. Also absent was Dave Jakway. Chairman Hamilton asked Mr. Martin to substitute for Mr. Jakway.

Minutes of the meeting of June 7 were approved as distributed.

Minutes of the meeting of May 3 were approved as distributed.

Minutes of the meeting of the June 21 boundary walk on new line dividing Toutant property were approved as distributed.

Toutant subdivision
Chairman Hamilton passed around a copy of a letter from Linda Brown, an abutter inadvertently omitted from notice of subdivision hearing, waiving her right to be at the hearing. Since the mylar has not yet been corrected, the subdivision cannot be completed. A question was raised about the potential for subdivision of the larger of the two lots created by this subdivision. There are more than 400 feet of road frontage, but there is a pond very close to the road. Mr. Martin raised a question about requiring paving of a driveway apron when a new dwelling is constructed, even if the driveway preexists. It was agreed that the building permit should not be granted unless the apron is paved, if the driveway opens on a paved road. The building permit application should so state.

Driveway application for Blanchard lot on Gilsum Road recently sold to Michael Geraghty
A motion (Switzer/Fitzpatrick) to approve the permit application passed without dissent. 

Seminar on private well testing
DES is sponsoring a seminar encouraging and explaining the process for testing private wells on July 25 in Concord.

Member issues
Does the large addition on the Barrett property meet zoning regulations with regard to size and accessory units? (Mr. Fitzpatrick) Question for the selectmen.

Mr. Switzer reported on a group exploring the possibility of wireless internet service for Nelson, Roxbury and Sullivan. An article in the upcoming town newsletter will tell people how to express their interest in the service. A tower in Roxbury would be the site for a signal from Stratton Mountain in VT, but there are issues about lines of sight and leaf barriers. Mr. Switzer will keep the board informed.

Mrs. Sweet expressed appreciation for Chairman Hamilton's making the planning handbook available to the whole board. She noted that the board should be sending copies of subdivisions, etc. to the Town Clerk. Such documents are now filed in the town hall next to the office proposed for the Town Clerk. She also said the driveway regulations should be revised to include the escrow requirement. Mr. Switzer noted other changes needed, such as having a member of the conservation commission accompany the driveway committee. He will make the proposed amendments to the regulations and send out the draft to planning board members for review before a vote to be taken at the August meeting.

Mr. Martin, now sworn in as alternate member, asked about follow-through. He expressed concern about bringing area businesses into compliance with town regulations. He asked what the point was in having laws or regulations if there was no consequence for disregarding them. The attitude of a few can spread to others, and the disregard for our town's regulations could become commonplace. Ms. Degree pointed out that lack of a site plan for the Csenge business means ignorance about chemical or other storage might endanger firemen called to the property for something like a lightning strike..

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary