Minutes of July 5, 2017

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes
July 5, 2017

The meeting came to order at 7:01 p.m.

Those present:

Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis

Selectman Representative:   Not present

Public:  Raymond Barbin; Todd Bergeron; John Bolles; John M. McNichol; Randall Smith, Road Agent

A motion to accept the minutes of the June 7, 2017 meeting was made by L. Lewandowski; seconded by M. Trimitsis.  The motion passed unanimously and the minutes were accepted as written.

BERGERON/MCNICHOL MINOR LOT LINE ADJUSTMENT:  A public meeting for a minor boundary line adjustment between properties owned by Todd Bergeron (168 Valley Road, applicant) and John McNichol (158 Valley Road) was held.  Chair Casey informed those present that all protocol was followed (registered letters sent to abutters, public postings of hearing placed at the town hall and post office, and notice of hearing published in the Keene Sentinel).  Chair Casey stated that additional information and monies have been received as requested in a letter from the Planning Board dated May 4, 2017:  surveyor’s name (Joe DiBernardo Associates LLC), mylar copies of properties with lot line adjustment, and a copy of the quit-claim deed.  Mr. Barbin was given a paper copy of the line adjustment at his request.  

Mr. Bergeron was asked by the board if the new lot line adjustment and the location of his two sheds complied with the 20 ft property line setback (Sullivan CPO III.C6).  He replied that it did comply with the town ordinance, although the distances from the sheds to the proposed property line were not specified on the plat.  Mr. Bergeron was asked by the board to place three to four stakes to visually reflect the property line adjustment in advance of the required boundary walk by members of the planning board and conservation commission. It was recommended that this be done by the surveyor, but Bergeron indicated that would be difficult and cause a delay as the surveyor is located in Vermont and is very busy.

A motion was made by Chair Casey to give conditional approval of the application for a minor lot line adjustment subject to a site walk of the property.  Motion seconded by M. Trimitsis.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Letters will be sent to Mr. Bergeron and Mr. McNichol. A $51 filing fee and a $25 L-CHIP fee will be due from the applicant for processing at the Registry of Deeds, following the site walk and signing of the plat.

BOLLES DRIVEWAY PERMIT APPLICATION, TAX MAP 5 LOT 42 (54.3 acres):  On August 3, 2016, an application for a driveway permit was received by Mr. John Bolles, 469 South Road.  The Driveway Committee did a site visit with Mr. Bolles for the proposed new driveway cut on August 23, 2016 and signed off, with comments noting difficulties with water and debris, for planning board review.  Their initial proposal for an alternative was to use an existing bar way field access cut.  Mr. Bolles did not think this proposal was conducive to the best use of the property and the future proposed use as it would use a productive section of the field, and impact an existing stone wall and maple trees. During the site visit an alternative driveway cut was proposed which Mr. Bolles took under advisement.  Mr. Bolles presented a new property sketch at the June 5, 2017 planning board meeting reflecting this change.  

During the discussion of the revised driveway cut, Road Agent Smith iterated his concerns with the maintenance of the road and water flow from the field on both sides of the new culvert, and indicated that the problems would be exacerbated by the driveway cut so close to a culvert. He acknowledged that there are already many similar driveways in Sullivan. Mr. Bolles agreed to maintain the area around the culvert to avoid water, etc. problems.

It was also brought up that there exists a permitted driveway (used as field access) on the property. Per the Sullivan Driveway Regulations (IV.5), only one driveway is allowed per parcel of land “unless a need for multiple accesses can be demonstrated.”  After a discussion, it was agreed that Mr. Bolles would have the driveway revert to field access for agricultural use only.  A motion was made by member P. Miles to approve the application subject to the afore-to-mentioned conditions (reversion of existing permitted driveway to agricultural access; culvert maintenance) and another site review by the Driveway Committee for compliance with the driveway regulations after rough-in. Motion seconded by M. Trimitsis.  Motion passed with one abstention (A. Sweet) and one no vote (L. Lewandowski).

OLD BUSINESS:  At the May 3, 2017 meeting, approval of a driveway permit for the paving of an existing driveway on the property of Travis  Blanchard (47 Centre Street) was conditionally approved pending state approval as Centre Street is a state road.  Chair Casey received notification from the state of their approval of the proposed paving.

NEW BUSINESS:  Chairman Casey informed the board that she received a letter from the Zoning Board dated June 15, 2017 regarding the application for a variance by Allen Vandiver to build a 200 square foot house at 44 Hubbard Road (Tax Map 03 Lot 99).  He proposes to live in the home while clearing the land to build a larger, code-conforming home on the 5.2 acre property.  The variance listed several conditions, including a valid certificate of occupancy, which would allow Mr. Vandiver to live in the ‘tiny house’ for a maximum of 5 years and then the structure would have to be taken down. A driveway permit is a prerequisite to granting of a building permit.

Chair Casey informed the board of the availability of updated building permit checklist and zoning variance application forms on the town website.

A copy of a letter to the Highway Department for a wetland permit application from the Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation for a habitat improvement project on Ferry Brook was shared by Chair Casey.

The board is now in possession of a receipt book for any fees collected at meetings, etc. along with a note on the process of handling such fees and documentation required by the Town Clerk.

Motion to adjourn made by P. Miles; seconded by L. Lewandowski.  Motion passed unanimously.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  

Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary