Minutes of July 7, 2004


Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present, in addition to the chairman, were Joe Fitzpatrick, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Rick Hotchkiss represented the selectmen. Absent were Geoff Gardner, Dave Jakway, and Don Primrose. Selectman Dick Labadie was also present.

Minutes of the meeting of June 2 were approved as distributed.

Preliminary consultation for a lot line adjustment on Gilsum Road: Dale Blanchard
Mr. Blanchard seeks to reduce the lot on which his house sits to 2.3 acres by moving the lines of his larger property. After reviewing the check list for a simple subdivision, he proposes to come back to the August meeting with a formal survey, a list of abutters, and payment for notice of the hearing expected to be held on September 2. Questions to be resolved: can the existing driveway to the old Kettler property be kept 20 feet from the new lot line? will the radius of the circles surrounding the existing septic system and well meet requirements? Since the driveway to the Blanchard house runs off the driveway that will be on the larger lot, language for the new deeds must specify that the smaller lot has a right of way on the beginning of the driveway of the larger lot where the two driveways join to connect with Gilsum Road. Such language must accompany the plat for the lot line adjustment.

Consultation about a second driveway for the Gottsche property on Valley Road.
Peter Gottsche, who had already met with the driveway committee and road agent, explained that he wanted to have a separate driveway on Valley Road to a place where he plans to build a small seasonal cabin for family use about 350 feet square with no septic (using a composting toilet) and no well. The driveway committee‚s question was whether he could have a second driveway on his property. After checking the driveway regulations, the consensus was that "a need for multiple access can be demonstrated" because of the difficulty of the property's terrain. The driveway committee will continue its technical deliberations.

Martin/Atwood driveway permit
A copy of the state permit for the Martin/Atwood driveway has been received. It was noted that the original driveway cut has not been blocked off. The selectmen will follow up to be sure that entrance is not usable.  Several members commented that the new cut seemed less safe than the old.

Primrose properties
On Apple Hill Road driveway construction seems to have stopped. At the old town hall, expansion of the parking area requires new site plan approval. Holding periodic contra dances also requires site plan approval. The selectmen will talk with Mr. Primrose.

A&L Trucking
Although the Town was about to file for contempt of court proceedings, the selectmen have received word that Mr. Alexander is in the process of refinancing his house to pay off his fines. Mr. Hotchkiss pointed out that even when fines are paid he still must comply with court orders to undergo site plan approval for his business.

Certificate of Occupancy
Joe Fitzpatrick asked whether the selectmen had done anything about developing a Certificate of Occupancy. Mr. Hotchkiss declared the town could not adopt such a practice without support in the Community Planning Ordinance. Mrs. Sweet offered to make inquiry about other towns with CO but without building codes and inspectors and without basis in an ordinance.

Master Plan update
Mrs. Sweet reported that the update subcommittee had reviewed the draft chapters except for two (economic analysis and traffic) and the town history. Several PB members took the draft that had been copied for the open meeting of June 16. The versions of those chapters now on the town website have corrections made since June 16. The subcommittee hopes to have a final draft ready for public hearing at the regular planning board meeting of September 1. Concern was expressed about people having copies for advance study. The July issue of the town newsletter notified people that the draft is on the website. Notices posted before the hearing in the Sentinel and around town will let people know that there will be paper copies of the draft in the town hall as well as an electronic copy on the town website.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary