Minutes of July 7, 2005

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Present, in addition to the chairman, were planning board members Michelle Degree, Geoff Gardner, Bob Switzer, and Ann Sweet. Rick Hotchkiss represented the selectmen. Absent were Joe Fitzpatrick and Dave Jakway. The chairman asked Ms. Degree to assume Mr. Jakway’s voting status for the meeting. Also present was selectmen Dick Labadie, road agent Randy Smith, and several parties with questions for the planning board, including Michael and Jennifer Brooks, Cindy and Jeff Brooks, Lee Petrat, Ed Csenge, and Kathy Desvergnes.

Minutes of the meeting of June 1, 2005, were approved as distributed.

Preliminary consultation for proposed Brooks subdivision on Tyler Lane 
Michael Brooks presented a preliminary plat on behalf of property owners, Jeff and Cindy Brooks. He also showed the septic design plat, on which planning board members noted that the septic system had not been located 100 feet from the wetland. Mr. Brooks promised to have the surveyor correct the locations. 

A review of the check list for a minor subdivision noted the following omissions: 

1. Name of property owner and address needs correction. 

2. Setback lines must be drawn in, and the lots need to be numbered according to the Sullivan tax map system. 

3. Pond and other water-related features need to be drawn in. 

4. Location of perc tests and location of septic area and 75 foot well radius needs to be drawn in. 

5. Copy of State septic approval needs to be provided. 

6. Driveway permit needs to be completed; driveway committee will meet Friday at 8 a.m. 

7. Soil data, designating wetlands needs to be drawn in 

8. Copy of the public easement to PSNH needs to be provided.

Mr. Brooks was confident that all requirements could be met in time for a public hearing at the next planning board meeting, August 3. He promised to call Mrs. Sweet July 7 to confirm plans, since she would have to send out notices July 8 if the hearing were to be August 3.

Discussion of Apple Hill driveway drainage problems
Lee Petrat, owner of a lot on which a large driveway is to be constructed, and Ed Csenge, his contractor, asked how the water and silt running off the driveway intended to serve three houses on Apple Hill Road could be stemmed or directed to existing drainage. Their preferred solution would be to have the water carried across the road to the Ovsenik property, but the Ovseniks do not want extra water on their property. Constructing a long pipe to carry the water to existing drainage farther downhill is another possible solution but very expensive. Board members pointed out that a condition for subdivision had been to have no net increase in water draining from the property. Several suggested hiring an engineer to develop a plan for keeping the water on site. They pointed to an engineering study commissioned by Mr. Primrose as a possible starting point. After considerable discussion, Mr. Hotchkiss pointed out that the town’s only concern was to keep water and mud off the road. Mr. Petrat and Mr. Csenge were free to experiment with ways of accomplishing this water retention. The focus of the driveway committee, which has been wrestling with this problem, at least as far as approving the application for a driveway permit, is on the first 20 feet of the driveway. He cautioned that experimenting with moving berms and creating ponds would be at the owner’s risk. If no experiment worked, the applicant might then have to hire an engineer. No building permit could be granted without guarantee to the town of management of the water/road problems. Mr. Switzer, in clarifying the town’s interest, read from the original (now expired) driveway permit to the effect that if an increase in the volume of water is found draining into the road, or any deficiencies are found in the driveway’s construction, it will be corrected by the owner at the owner’s expense.

Possible site plan review of changes to the Desvergnes property on Centre Street 
Ms. Desvergnes stated that she had been asked to be present at the planning board meeting this evening. Board members replied that it was expected that her agent, Bill Rubyck, would come to the August 3 board meeting with a plan for controlling any runoff and erosion resulting from the recent clearcut of the Desvergnes five-acre property and for the management of manure. Mr. Rubyck had been given contact information for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which provides free consultation for agricultural projects similar to the Desvergnes planned horse boarding operation on the site. Ms. Desvergnes said Mr. Rubyck had not yet made contact with NRCS. Board members pointed out that the drastic change in the property had prompted the board to consider requiring site plan review. However, realizing that the State supports agricultural activity, the board had decided to postpone any SPR requirement, giving Mr. Rubyck time to consult with NRCS and come back to the board with a plan showing the rights of abutters and the interests of the town would be protected in the proposed horse boarding operation.

Minutes of the June 13 boundary walk on the lot created by the subdivision of the Blanchard land on Gilsum Road were approved as distributed.

Driveway permit for Mike Haynes and Kimberly Stone Haynes on Apple Hill Road
After discussion about possible drainage problems, the board asked the driveway committee to add a paragraph to the second page of the permit application: If any increase of water drainage to the road is found or any deficiencies are found in the driveway’s construction, it will be corrected by the owner of the same at the owner’s expense. A motion (Hotchkiss/Switzer) to approve the driveway permit with the added condition passed without dissent (Ms. Degree abstaining because the issue had come up before she joined the board).

Driveway permit for Michael Geraghty on Apple Hill Road
Given that there were no drainage issues, a motion (Hotchkiss/Gardner) to approve the driveway permit as presented by the driveway committee passed without dissent (Ms. Degree abstaining because of lack of acquaintance with the issue).

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary