Minutes of June 2, 2004

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Present,
in addition to the Chairman, were Joe Fitzpatrick, Geoff Gardner, Dave
Jakway, Don Primrose, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Rick Hotchkiss was not
present. Dick Labadie represented the selectmen. Randy Smith, Road Agent,
and George Hall, resident, were also present.

Minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2004, were approved as distributed.

Questions about a possible lot line adjustment
George Hall asked about adding a portion of an adjacent property to his
property. He was told a lotline adjustment should suffice. If both
properties have valid surveys, a surveyor (possibly one who had done the
previous surveys) could create a plat showing old boundary and new, as well
as the existing properties. For Current Use information, he was referred
to the selectmen. He was given a copy of the subdivision regulations.

Primrose properties on Apple Hill Road
Randy Smith reported a number of complaints about mud oozing onto Apple
Hill as a result of beginning construction of a driveway cut. The Road
Agent also declared that there is a great deal of water coming out of the
hillside, raising questions about the efficacy of a paved swale proposed. 
Although the driveway is being constructed for the lot Mr. Primrose has
already sold, the drive crosses property he still owns. Mr. Smith urged
Mr. Primrose to solve the erosion problem at least with hay bales and to
keep an eye on the construction, since he still bears responsibility. Mr.
Smith observed that the highway department has spent a lot of time 
on this project, taking time from their regular duties.

Community Planning Ordinance: revised
Copies of the revised CPO were distributed. The CPO now includes the
Wetlands Conservation District adopted by the Town at the March election.

Master Plan Update
Mrs. Sweet reported that Mr. Switzer has uploaded the text of the draft
chapters of the updated Master Plan on the town website
(ci.sullivan.nh.us). She encouraged everyone to participate in the
upcoming June 16 meeting at 7 p.m. in the town hall to review the drafts
and suggest changes.

Chairman Hamilton reported receipt of the latest listing of licensed
surveyors and wetlands/soil scientists. He passed around notice of the
June 15 annual meeting of SWRPC, which will include a public address (to
which all are invited) at Keene State College by Ed McMahon, an innovative
and well-known planner.

A&L Trucking
Asked by the chairman about progress on managing the A&L operation, Mr.
Labadie said there was no current action taking place. He did say he
wondered whether a new commercial operation (sale of loam) had been
started. He also noted considerable flow of water from the Alexander
property on to the adjacent property. The chairman commented that there
were several new trucks on the site, raising questions about the owner‚s
pleas of poverty.

Report on Planning Conference
Dave Jakway and Joe Fitzpatrick reported on their attendance at the state
planning conference on May 8. They passed around several brochures and
commented on the usefulness of this gathering attended by more than 400
people. Mr. Fitzpatrick described what he had learned about the
Certificate of Occupancy as an alternative to a building code. He noted
that, should Sullivan adopt a building code, participating with other towns
in hiring a regional inspector could be as practical as the regional
prosecutor has proved to be. Mr. Fitzpatrick urged the selectmen to adopt
the CO right away. Mr. Labadie said the selectmen would consider the
proposal, which he agreed would be a safeguard to the homeowner. Mrs.
Sweet asked whether the proposed revisions in the building permit
application has yet been adopted by the selectmen. The answer was no.

Community roadside cleanup sponsored by the conservation commission
Mrs. Sweet gave a tally of the trash collected by 51 volunteers on May 1
from all the roads in Sullivan: 2580 pounds of trash plus 25 tires, 3
mattresses, a dishwasher, and assorted metal scraps. She noted that there
seemed to be more trash than ever this spring, despite a cleanup last fall.

Potential zoning ideas
Mr. Primrose will assemble a committee to consider whether and where new
zones might be located in Sullivan to facilitate certain kinds of
activities. Mr. Jakway will join the effort.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary