Minutes of June 6, 2012

  Minutes of the Meeting of June 6, 2012

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members Michelle Degree, Dave Jakway, Laura Lewandowski, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet.  John Little was absent.

A motion (Lewandowski, Degree) to approve the minutes of May 2, 2012, passed without dissent.

Chairman Hamilton asked Ms. Degree whether she wished to make a statement.  She replied that she did.  She resigned from the board as of that time.  She said her heart is no longer in the business of the planning board.  She said she had learned a lot and appreciated the openness of discussions about issues.  Members all urged her, without success, to reconsider.

Chairman Hamilton asked how best to proceed with the Master Plan update:  read each chapter aloud or rely on members to read the assigned chapter of the old Master Plan at home, make suggested revisions, and come prepared to discuss at a regular meeting.  The consensus was to proceed in accordance with the second option.

Chairman Hamilton reminded Ms. Degree and Mrs. Sweet that they had agreed to make specific amendments to sections of the goals and objectives.  Both apologized for failing to do so and promised to send their proposed amendments to the rest of the board.

Sullivan history
The board reviewed, noting needed technical changes, the town history written by Chris Pratt for inclusion in the updated Master Plan.  Ms. Degree, in particular, expressed her appreciation for the history.

Housing and population
Chairman Hamilton asked board members to review this chapter for the August meeting, pointing out that there would be no meeting the first Wednesday in July since it is a national holiday.  Mrs. Sweet suggested that members check out master plans in other towns to compare their treatment of population and housing with Sullivan’s in 2005.  Just Google the name of the town, followed by NH.

 Special exception
Chairman Hamilton reported that the ZBA had at a hearing May 9 to grant a special exception to Jetoby Fletcher at the corner of Arlen Drive and Centre Street to add a porch to his house without regard to setback from Centre Street.  The state DOT has already approved the exception.  Mr. Fletcher was given one year to complete the porch construction.  Chairman Hamilton reported that the wild storm of May 29 had washed away part of Mr. Fletcher’s back yard and septic system.  That may affect his ability to make the addition.

Farewell to Ms. Degree
Chairman Hamilton expressed the board’s appreciation for Ms. Degree’s service on the planning board.  All wished her well.

There being no further business, a motion (Jakway/Lewandowski) to adjourn passed without dissent at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary