Minutes of June 6, 2018

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 20180606

In attendance:  Dott Miles, Peter Miles, Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Leslie Casey (chair), Ann Sweet, Laura Lewandowski, Chris Pratt (alternate), Jeff Burbank (ex officio)

Members of the public:  James Walters, Kelly Dowd (attorney representing J. Walters), Wendy Pelletier

Meeting began at 7:00pm

Motion to approve minutes (A. Sweet, M. Trimitsis). All agreed to accept minutes with the following amendments:
Correct the spelling of Laura Lewandowski’s name;
Indicate that Milton Trimitsis was secretary (rather than acting or interim secretary) at the May 2018 meeting.
Add that M Trimitsis was nominated to be secretary in light of Dott Miles’s resignation.

Walters driveway application (375 Route 9)

Kelly Dowd presented an application for the change in use to an existing driveway on the Walters property to serve a second residence; the driveway currently serves one residence on a separate property also owned by Mr. Walters.  When the driveway was originally created, the second residence was contemplated.  When Mr. Walters’s lot was subdivided into several lots by the then owner in 1989, the Planning Board acknowledged the intent for the driveway to serve two residences, one for each lot (C Pratt served on the Planning Board at that time).  The Board reviewed Mr. Walters’s driveway application for completeness.  The State has already issued a driveway permit. L Casey made a motion to accept the driveway application as complete with the addition of information about the width and line-of-sight of the driveway (available from State records of the driveway); seconded by A Sweet.  All agreed.

There was no further discussion of the application.

L Casey moved to conditionally approve the application pending a site walk by the Driveway Committee; seconded by D Miles.  All agreed.  The road Agent will be notified of the need to schedule the site walk.  Final decision will be taken at the July meeting of the PB.

Application for Boundary Line Adjustment for Brad Brock and Keith and Crystal Rokes (96 Ferry Brook Road)

Wendy Pelletier (surveyor) presented a proposed boundary line adjustment for Brad Brock and Keith and Crystal Rokes.  K and C Rokes are purchasing  land (3 acres) from B Brock to expand their lot.  The Rokes’s lot is an existing nonconforming lot with no road frontage.  The subdivision that created their lot occurred in the 1970s before the Sullivan subdivision regulations existed.  L Casey and C Pratt discussed the fact that a boundary line adjustment does not change the existing non-conforming status of the lot.  The  proposed adjustment will allow the owners to construct an improved septic system, according to J Burbank, something the Select Board supports.

C Pratt noted that the boundary line adjustment is subject to the completion and recording of the property sale, and a deed conveying the land to Rokes.

W Pelletier submitted a request for waivers for several requirements (septic information; plan for sedimentation and erosion control; driveway permit; and soil, wetlands and topography info) laid out in the subdivision regulations as they are not germane to the boundary line adjustment (no new structures are being proposed).  These waivers apply only to this application.

L Casey moved to accept the application as complete; P Miles seconded.  All agreed.

L Casey moved to honor the requested waivers (noted above); seconded by D Miles.  All agreed except for abstention by A Sweet.

M Trimitsis moved that the PB not hold an optional public hearing on the boundary line adjustment; P Miles seconded.  All agreed.  As required, a mailing to all abutters and a notice in the Keene Sentinel will be sent out.

A site walk will occur on 12 June at 10am.  L Casey, M Trimitsis, and W Pelletier will meet for the site walk.


L Casey presented the PB’s proposed CPO amendments to the Select Board and received input.  PB will discuss at a future meeting.

L Casey moved to adjourn; A Sweet seconded.  All agreed.  Meeting ended at 8:39pm.

The July Planning Board meeting is typically scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, which falls on 4 July next month.  The meeting will be moved to 11 July, at which time the boundary line adjustment will be considered.

Submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary