Minutes of June 7, 2006

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Present in addition to the chairman were Michelle Degree, Joe Fitzpatrick, Dave Jakway, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Rick Hotchkiss represented the selectmen. Also present were Selectman Richard Labadie, prospective planning board member Keith Martin, along with Charles and Mary Toutant and Cindy Brooks and Butch Brooks for the Toutant subdivision hearing.

Proposed subdivision of Toutant property at 247 South Road into two parcels
Chairman Hamilton announced the opening of the first of two hearings.

Hearing on the completeness of the application
A review of the checklist for a minor subdivision turned up three omissions:

1. Incorrect abutter names on the plat (Donna, not Diane, Henry and Charles, not Alida, Carpenter). Ownership of one property by James Snyder was also questioned.

2. A large segment on the east of the larger lot lacked a number for the soil type.

3. The duration of the easement to the town of access to a pond for fire suppression.

A motion (Hotchkiss/Fitzpatrick) to accept the application as complete, pending corrections to the plat, passed without dissent.

Hearing on the merits of the application
Mr. Toutant said the purpose of the proposed subdivision was to separate his homestead (12.07 acres) from the campground (47.58 acres) so that he could sell the campground with its 36 sites, either as open land or as a campground. New state regulations have made running a campground much more expensive. Mr. Brooks, in the only public comment, pointed out that note #8 on the plat said the surveyor could not verify the status of the Old State Coach Road. That status had been verified in court, Mr. Brooks averred: the road had long ago been discontinued and belonged to the Brooks property, through which it runs.

A motion (Fitzpatrick/Hotchkiss) to accept the application on its merits, contingent on corrections being made to the plat and to the completion of a boundary walk, passed without dissent.

It was agreed to conduct a boundary walk (of the line dividing the property into two lots) on June 21 at 6 p.m.

There being no minutes available for the May 3 meeting, approval was postponed to the July meeting.

Election of officers
The chairman having been absent at the meeting following Town Meeting when officers are normally chosen, the election had been postponed. A motion(Hamilton/Hotchkiss) to re-elect Mrs. Sweet as secretary passed without dissent. A motion(Hotchkiss/Jakway) to re-elect Mr. Hamilton as chairman passed without dissent.

New member
Chairman Hamilton introduced Keith Martin, currently a member of the budget committee, as a prospective new member. Mr. Martin will be sworn in next week.

Newest revision of the Planning Board in New Hampshire from OEP
Chairman Hamilton, whose office had made copies, passed out the January 2006 handbook for local officials. Board members thanked Chairman Hamilton for duplicating this helpful guide.

Driveway permits
Applicants for driveway permits are now required to provide a check(to be kept in escrow until the paving has been completed) for the estimated cost of paving ($4.5 per square foot). 

The proposed Gottsche driveway on Valley Road has been rerouted to avoid a utility pole. Mr. Switzer presented, along with the escrow check, sketches to show how drainage onto Valley Road will be prevented. A motion (Switzer/Jakway) to approve the driveway permit application for Gottsche passed without dissent.

Member concerns
Various possibilities for high speed internet access were reviewed with the little information members possessed. The failure of Verizon to invest in rural areas like Sullivan was decried.

The continued failure of A&L Trucking to ignore town regulations was discussed, with the selectmen pointing out that the maximum in fines had been applied with a lien on the property. The next step would have to be jail, a no-win solution for all concerned. Several members worried about the effect of such scofflaw behavior on the Town. 

Expansion of junk beyond the licensed area on the Northeast Ford property was noted. The selectmen are planning a visit to that property to point out to the owners the violation of their license for a junk yard. Selectman Hotchkiss reminded board members that junk yards in town receive their initial licenses from the planning board and are monitored for compliance annually by the selectmen.

Several pending issues were noted

1. Printing and distribution of amended bylaws.

2. Adoption of a Capital Improvements Program.

3. Printing of needed changes to the application for building permits.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary