Minutes of March 2, 2005


Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. In addition to the chairman, present were Joe Fitzpatrick, Geoff Gardner, Dave Jakway, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Rick Hotchkiss represented the selectmen. Selectman Dick Labadie was also present. Absent was Michelle Degree.

Minutes of the meeting of February 2 were approved as distributed after a correction in the first sentence, moving "into two parcels" after "subdivision."

Second preliminary consultation about a possible subdivision of Toutant property.
Mr. and Mrs. Toutant showed on a revised plat how needs outlined at the February meeting had been accommodated: 75 foot radii around wells, location of existing and proposed septic systems, removal of the campground septic dump from near the existing Toutant house. Mr. Toutant handed out copies of the deeds to the three tracts, including the one for which a subdivision is proposed. Deed wording confirms the existence of three separate tracts. When asked about the wording for an easement leading from one of the two proposed lots to the existing campground, Mr. Toutant replied that a land lawyer advised him he did not need to provide such an easement. Members of the planning board disagreed, asserting that an easement is necessary to be sure there is continuing access from South Road to the larger campground area (on an adjacent tract). Mr. Toutant asked whether an easement would be required if he closed the campground. Several planning board members thought it would not, but others expressed uncertainty. It was pointed out that an easement must be 50 feet wide and be located away from the proposed line dividing the tract on South Road into two plots. Mr. Toutant decided not to ask for a hearing until he could decide what he wants to do about the easement requested by the planning board. It was noted that the second version of the plat contained wording in note 8 stating that tract "B" (lot 50-001) has "road frontage along Old Stage Coach Road. Because Tract "B" has no frontage on a Class V Road that would make construction of a house possible, the wording of note 8 was changed to read: "Tract ':B' has a boundary along the long-abandoned Roxbury Road." (Roxbury Road is also known as Houghton Ledge Road.)

Preliminary consultation about a possible subdivision of Brooks property on Tyler Lane.
Jeff and Cindy Brooks indicated that they might want to create a house lot for their son on Tyler Lane near the power lines. Noting a pond on the proposed site, the planning board gave the Brooks a copy of the wetland protection district description, part of the Community Planning Ordinance, so they could better plan the dimensions of the proposed new lot and the required setbacks from wetlands.

Chairman Hamilton passed around announcement of a SWRPC dinner meeting featuring housing issues (March 15) and the ten-year state road plan, which includes the prospect of additional modifications to Route 9 from Centre Street to Roxbury, due to be undertaken in 2007. He also passed around the agenda for the spring planning conference scheduled for April 9.

Master Plan 2005
Mr. Switzer brought 34 copies of the completed Master Plan, neatly placed in loose-leaf notebooks purchased by Mr. Hotchkiss, which will make chapter updates easier to include. Everyone praised the finished Master Plan with its two handsome maps (reproduced by Mr. Switzer) showing conservation lands in and around Sullivan and hiking and snowmobile trails. A motion (Sweet/Gardner) suggested by Mr. Hotchkiss to buy a printer cartridge for Mr. Switzer to replace ink he had used passed unanimously. Mr. Switzer praised the quality of the plan's printing contributed, thanks to Chairman Hamilton, by Citizens Bank. One copy of the Master Plan will be shown to voters on election day on March 8.

April meeting: organizing the board
Chairman Hamilton asserted his willingness to continue as chairman, but he said he would need to be relieved of letter-writing because of the enlargement of his work responsibilities. Mrs. Sweet and Mr. Hotchkiss volunteered to help with such correspondence. It was noted that Mr. Primrose's term had actually ended in 2004. It was not certain whether Ms. Degree has decided to join the board. Voting on officers and appointments will be held April 2 at the regular planning board meeting.

Revising the subdivision regulations
Given the lateness of the hour, it was decided to postpone discussion of proposed revisions to the subdivision regulations until the April meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary