Minutes of March 3, 2010

Chairman Bob Switzer called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members  Michelle Degree,  Laura Lewandowski,  and Ann Sweet.  Absent were Dave Jakway  and  Selectmen‘s representative Cheryl Labadie.
Minutes of the meeting of February 3, 2009, were accepted as distributed.

Notification charges
To confirm previous discussions about rates for notifying abutters and the public at large about land use hearings,  a motion(Degree/Lewandowski) to charge $10 per abutter and $35 for the newspaper notice passed without dissent.

Energy committee
Mrs. Sweet reported that two applications for ARRA money had been filed by the energy committee on February 16 for upgrading energy efficiency in the town library and the town highway garage.  Notification of awards will be made by OEP on March 10.  Sullivan’s chances are uncertain.

Public hearing:  proposed subdivision of Mark Smith’s Boynton Road property
Mr. Smith brought in new versions of the plat for his proposed subdivision.  Board members asked for the following clarifications:
Change note 4 to read:  Lot 1 road frontage - 200 (exact number of feet needed) feet on the Class V Road; 500 (exact number needed) on the Class VI Road
Label road as Class VI where Coffin Right of Way begins
Explain note 3 with reference to CAB.3 and Cab. 13
Mr. Smith was reminded that before the subdivision could be approved, he needed approval for the septic system on the smaller lot, because, should the State disallow the septic system, the division of the property might have to be changed to enlarge the smaller lot.

A motion (Degree/Lewandowski) to waive the requirement for depiction of contour lines on the plat passed without dissent. 

Mr. Smith provided a listing of soil types on the larger lot near the perc test.

Since the application was not yet complete, the hearing will be carried over to the April 7 meeting of the board.

Mr. Smith provided a check to the town for $115 to cover notification expenses.

Preliminary consultation:  request for site plan approval for a gun shop on the Centre Street property of  James Forrest
Mr. Forrest presented his plat for the addition of a structure to the existing body shop to house a retail gun shop.  The following additions to the plat were requested:
A drawing of his new house
Placement of #12 on the plat to show location of lighting
The date (August 8, 1997) when he was granted a Special Exception by the ZBA for the establishment of his body shop
Dimensions of the gun shop addition and a clear outline of the structure to distinguish it from existing structures
Hours of operation (6-10 p.m. on weekdays and 9-5 p.m. on weekends)
Identification of the nature of the business
Placement of the number of the permit from the FFL

Mr. Forrest was reminded that the shop could not be opened until the AFT permit was secured and a copy given to the town, along with a letter of intent explaining the nature of the proposed business.

Mr. Forrest requested that the public hearing on his application be scheduled for the next meeting of the board (April 7).  He paid by check ($85) to the town for required notification. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary