Minutes of March 7, 2007

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present, in addition to the chairman, were members Michelle Degree, Joe Fitzpatrick, Dave Jakway, Keith Martin, Ann Sweet and Bob Switzer. Richard Labadie represented the selectmen, Mr. Hotchkiss being absent.

Minutes of the meeting of February 7. 2007, were approved as distributed.

Resumption of the public hearing on the application for site plan approval of Cruiser Parts LLC operations on Route 9
Doug and Jamie Valley, owners of Cruiser Parts LLC, presented new plat outlines for their proposed expansion. Chairman Hamilton reviewed the check list. The missing items include:

A letter from NH Dept. of Transportation commenting on the expansion plans since an internal drive impinges on state property.

Correction of the spelling of Chapman Pond on the mylar.

Drawing for the larger storage facility (48’ by 72’) now planned to be completed within the year to accommodate DES standards for operations

Mr. Doug Valley expressed frustration with the lack of DOT response, and most members agreed that the DOT should respond before the next planning board meeting or the application would proceed.

Ms. Degree voiced concern that all DES standards for hazardous materials be met. She also stated that the used car lot should be on an impervious surface to prevent oil and gasoline from seeping into the water table.

Mr. Martin suggested that the planning board should discuss creating a procedure for assuring the lack of easements on any property seeking subdivision or site plan approval.

Mr. Jakway spoke of the need for sedimentation fences to reduce runoff where drives have been created on the property. He also suggested that the fire department assess the accessibility of the upper reaches of the property to rescue vehicles should someone working on a vehicle be injured while there.

Given the need for the items noted above, the application could not be considered complete, and the hearing adjourned to the April 5 meeting.

It was agreed, after the Valleys left, to request a site visit Sunday morning at 11.

Preliminary consultation on a proposed three-lot subdivision on Valley Road on property owned by Peter and Abbie Gottsche
Joe DiBernardo presented a plat for the proposed subdivision. The checklist was reviewed and the following were found necessary for the application to be complete:

Be sure abutter list is current, since it was created more than 5 days ago.

Show easement at edge of and entering property of The Nature Conservancy.

Show frontage measurements for each of two new lots on Valley Road.

Provide a notarized letter giving agency authority to Mr. DiBernardo.

Show a driveway cut for lot 22-2. This stipulation raised issues about using the easement on the TNC boundary as the driveway cut, since it is less than 20 feet from the property line. Mr. DiBernardo said the Gottsches were planning to talk with TNC about using the TNC parking area as an access to lot 22-2. It was suggested that that conversation be held before the subdivision hearing.

After Mr. DiBernardo left, there was discussion about whether a driveway permit should be required for subdivision approval. The regulations say the planning board may require such approval. It was agreed that the driveway committee would check out the visibility from various spots on the Valley Road side of the two new lots and recommend action to the planning board.

Driveway regulation amendments
Mr. Switzer reviewed proposed changes, which he will forward by email to members. Notice for hearing at the April 4 meeting on the changes will be posted as required.

New regulations for Transmission Line Easements, Procedures, and Survey Requirements were circulated.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary