Minutes of May 3, 2006

Meeting was called to order at 7:02PM.

Members present: Michelle Degree, Joe Fitzpatrick, Steve Hamilton, and Dave Jakway. Richard Hotchkiss was there for the selectmen. Members of the public present: Charlie and Mary Toutant.

Minutes of April 5 meeting accepted as distributed.

Proposed subdivision of Toutant property on South Road
From 59.65 acre parcel: 12.07 Acres to be kept for personal use. 47.58 acres to be left as one lot. This parcel is now where the campground is located. Plans were reviewed by members of board. No easements exist on either lot. The 47.58 acre lot has its own septic and well. There is a ROW to/from Hubbard Road on the 47.58 acre lot. After review of plans the board went through the checklist. No permanent markers in yet. Will be set before boundary walk.

Two driveway permit applications were reviewed.
1) Owner: Goodine of Jaffrey NH Applicant; Jerome and Catherine Riesenberg for Old Concord Road

Review of application: Cut to be done on Old Concord Road in Sullivan in order to access their property in Nelson. Driveway will provide access to two properties. Permit approved.

2). Ed Csenge for Apple Hill Road. Permit application was supposed to have had a check for $2,400.00 attached for paved apron escrow. Escrow check was not submitted with application. In addition, all owners of this plan must be together this. Since this is a three-way lot application, signatures of all property owners must also be included. Since the escrow $ and other signatures were not a part of this application, board could not approve application at this time. Motion made to re-review at next meeting. Motion accepted.

Other business
A letter was received from John Bridges, Surveyor, Re: Mark Griffin. Plat for Vol. 922, pg 794 dated 1976 was not on file at registry of deeds. It is called for to be recorded. Surveyor letter requested plat to be recorded by registry of deeds after signed by planning board. Plat was signed by planning board and will be returned to surveyor.

Richard Hotchkiss got a nice report from a student regarding development and lot sizes. It was copied and distributed to interested members to read at their leisure.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Degree, Acting Secretar