Minutes of November 1, 2017

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
01 November 2017

The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m.

Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis
Selectman Representative:   Jeffrey Burbank
Public:  Roger Sweet, Centre Street, Sullivan; Henry Underwood, Southwest 
Region Planning Commission Representative

A motion was made by Peter Miles and seconded by Milton Trimitsis to accept the minutes of the October 4, 2017 meeting.  The motion passed unanimously, and the minutes were accepted.  

Jeffrey Burbank was welcomed to the Planning Board as the new Selectman representative.

Public Session
SWRPC representative Underwood handed out a brochure and fact sheet to board members.  After which, he gave a presentation on the services and programs offered by the commission.  Perry Plummer, Director of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management will be the keynote speaker at the Fall SWRPC meeting to be held on November 14, 2017 at the Historical Society of Cheshire County, Keene.  

Old Business

BERGERON/MCNICHOL MINOR LOT LINE ADJUSTMENT:  Chairman Casey reported the plat has been filed with the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.  At the time, it was observed the quitclaim deed was not compliant with state requirements.  The document presented was not considered to be a quitclaim deed.  Chair Casey composed a letter to Mr. Bergeron citing the proper requirements of a quitclaim deed and a copy of the required form.  If not provided, acceptance of the lot line adjustment by the Planning Board could be revoked.  Chair Casey forwarded a copy of the letter to the Board of Selectmen.

Subdivision Application:  402 Gilsum Road; Tax Map, Volume 1517 Lot 27: 
Upon further examination of the map provided by Linda Kinson to the Board at the October meeting, the following issues have been discovered:  a.  the 75-foot radius of protection goes under the road and onto a neighbor’s property necessitating either proof that relevant portion of the neighbor’s property is precluded from development, or a recorded easement, per NH RSA 485-A:30-b (Protected Well Radii) and NH Code of Administrative Rules Env-Wq 1008 (Protected Well Radii); b.  a leaching field is located within the well radius; c.  Casey was informed by Andrew Koff of the NH DES Water Well Board that no DES report on the well was on file, and so the question of whether the well was properly sealed remains (note that reports were not required to be filed for wells dug prior to 1984); d.  the plat should show the entire property including setbacks, etc. as confirmed to Casey by Attorney Margaret Byrnes of the NH Municipal Association.

Copies of NH DES Environmental Fact Sheet WD-DWGB-21- 1, Site Selection for Private Drinking Water Wells, were distributed to the members of the Board for additional information.  No other action is being taken on this matter by the Board until a subdivision application is received.

Annual Planning Board Budget
A draft copy of the Planning Board budget was presented to the Board of Selectmen by Chair Casey.  No questions were posed by the Selectmen.  

New Business 

No new business was presented to the Board.

The remaining portion of the meeting was informational.

Chair Casey and members of the Board of Selectman made a site inspection of the Forrest property on Centre Street.  The property owner was present during the site visit.  It was determined that the excessive accumulation of scrap metal outside on the property is non-compliant with town regulations. Selectman Burbank indicated that this is one of several sites of interest that selectmen are investigating.

Selectman Burbank informed the Board that the Selectmen are discussing using the recently accepted highway funds for the repaving of selected roads in town with the Road Agent.  Hubbard Road was mentioned as one of the roads in need of repair.

Chair Casey reported that although tree-cutting and surveying by NH DOT is progressing, the bridge repair work on Route 9 was behind schedule.  The project has just gone out to bid.  

Chair Casey is in the process of drafting a ‘dark skies’ ordinance.

A time-line for revising the Community Planning Ordinance was discussed.  

A motion to adjourn was made by Chair Casey and seconded by M. Trimitsis.  The motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary