Minutes of November 7, 2012

   Minutes of the Meeting of November 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Chairman Steve Hamilton.  Present were members Laura Lewandowski, Dave Jakway, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet.  Gary Patnode represented the selectmen.  Absent was new member, Kevin Wheeler.

The minutes of the meeting of October 3 were approved as distributed.

Questionnaire to determine public vision for the town to be included in update of the Master Plan
Members reviewed the draft, composed primarily from the questionnaire distributed two years ago with some items from the questionnaire of another town in the region.  Amendments were made, and Mrs. Sweet was asked to modify what had been written and to send it to members for their approval. 

Much discussion centered on how to encourage a good response from the community.  It was agreed that paper copies should be available at the special election of November 27 and included in the next newsletter (deadline late December; publication early January).  Could it be put on the town website?  Mrs. Sweet will inquire.

The goal regarding the community facility should be added to the questionnaire:  Goal:  explore the interest of residents in creating a meeting place in town for activities that will nourish community feeling

Chapter on housing and population from the 2005 Master Plan
Members reviewed the text of that chapter and noted where modifications should be made.  Census 2010 figures will be inserted in the various charts.  Reference to the cluster housing bylaw was made, and no member but Chairman Hamilton had a copy.  Chairman Hamilton asked members to review the next chapter Economic Analysis, p.21 to p.31) of the 2005 Master Plan for the December meeting.

Member comments
Mrs. Sweet noted that the energy committee will be discussing the PSNH reports on updating the electrical lighting in town buildings with the selectmen at their meeting Monday night.  The purpose of the projects is to save on energy costs

Mrs. Sweet noted that a sample water protection ordinance should have been sent to the members.  She will send one for discussion at the December meeting.

Selectmen’s representative Patnode reported that bids, now being reviewed by the selectmen and the road agent, were received November 7.  The selectmen are also working with FEMA on the reimbursement for storm damages to Sullivan roads last May.

A motion (Jakway, Lewandowski) to adjourn the meeting at 9 p.m. passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary