Minutes of October 3, 2012

   Minutes of the Meeting of October 3, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.  Present were members Laura Lewandowski, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet.  Gary Patnode represented the selectmen.  Absent was Dave Jakway.  Present were Ruth Hayn, realtor, and Kevin Wheeler, a prospective planning board member.  Chairman Hamilton arrived, as expected, at 7:40 p.m.

Parsonage boundaries
Ms. Hayn reported that she had been told that the parsonage property, for which she is agent, could not be subdivided on the Gilsum Road side because its road frontage was less than 400 feet.  The evidence offered to Ms. Hayn was a tax card in the Jewett Park folder that suggested that a piece considered part of the Parsonage property was part of the Jewett Park property.  The Parsonage property deed was carefully read and the lines followed on the plat, confirming the opinion of Ms. Hayn and members of the planning board that the there was more than 400 feet on Gilsum Road belonging to the Parsonage.  The deed did raise one question with a reference to a modification in 1979.  Ms. Hayn will pursue that question, which may be related to the .3 acre including the old school house in the southeast corner of the property.  Mr. Patnode promised that the selectmen would discuss the issue at its next meeting.

A motion (Patnode/Lewandowski) to approve the minutes of the meeting of August 1 was approved without dissent.

A motion (Patnode/Smith) to approve the minutes of the meeting of September 5 was approved without dissent.

Welcome to Kevin Wheeler as a potential board member. 
Chairman Hamilton urged Mr. Wheeler to be sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Master Plan update
Chairman Hamilton reported on his investigation at Southwest Region Planning Commission of the cost of engaging a planner from there to write the Master Plan update.  Lisa Murphy of the staff would be willing, but it would cost between $4000 and $6000 for every two chapters.  Since there are now 6 chapters in the MP, the cost could be $12,000.  Ms. Murphy suggested the town could buy the help for the hardest chapters (e.g., land use).  She also pointed out that the State now requires an additional chapter presenting the town’s vision for its future on approximately two pages.  We may need to rewrite the questionnaire we sent out two years ago and reissue it.

Given the cost, the board decided to proceed on its own.  Therefore, the board was urged  to read carefully the 2005 MP chapter on Housing and Population.  Chairman Hamilton asked each person to write notes in the margins of the narrative.  Once the narrative is approved, the new census numbers can be inserted.

Community facilities goal 
There was discussion of the amended version of Ms. Degree’s suggested goal for a community gathering place.  The objectives seemed too specific.  Mrs. Sweet offered to try for new wording.

Groundwater protection ordinance
Questions were raised about what a public water supply is.  Traditionally, the campground and school wells have been considered the “public water supplies” in town.  But what about the town hall and the church?  Mrs. Sweet promised to seek clarification from DES.

Possible lighting upgrades  
LighTec, hired by PSNH, has twice (most recently in September) made assessments of the lighting in all town buildings and made recommendations for upgrading their efficiency.  The library, with the help of the Friends of the Library, will be contracting to have upgrades there done.  The other buildings are under the jurisdiction of the selectmen.  The Energy Committee will meet with the selectmen to discuss the proposals, which can be funded under the PSNH Smart Start program rather than paid for in a lump sum.

Selectmen’s report
Mr. Patnode reported the good news of positive responses from citizens receiving letters asking them to clean up their properties.  Additionally, a noise problem on Valley Road seems to have dropped, thanks to discussion between the selectmen and the property owner.  Additional issues on that property have not yet been resolved.

A motion (Lewandowski/Patnode) to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m. passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary