Minutes of October 4, 2017

Town of Sullivan
Planning Board Minutes
04 October 2017

The meeting came to order at 7:02 p.m.

Those present:
Board Members:  Leslie Casey, Chair; Laura Lewandowski; Dorothy Miles; Peter Miles; Ann Sweet; Milton Trimitsis
Selectman Representative:   Laura Merrifield
Public:  Linda Kinson and Shaine Kinson (402 Gilsum Road)

A motion was made by Ann Sweet and seconded by Laura Merrifield to accept the minutes of the September 5, 2017 meeting.  The motion passed unanimously, and the minutes were accepted.  

Public Session&Applications

Subdivision Application:  402 Gilsum Road; Tax Map, Volume 1517 Lot 27: 
Ms. L. Kinson approached the Planning Board for information as how to proceed with a proposed subdivision the 35-acre parcel of land located at 402 Gilsum Road into two parcels: one 2-acre lot with house, shed, barn and existing driveway to be transferred to Ms. S. Kinson; and a 33-acre lot to be retained by Ms. L Kinson.  The Kinsons submitted a partially completed application form along with a lot map from their surveyor along with a list of abutters.  Chair Casey requested the name and telephone number of the surveyor be provided to the board.  In order to proceed, it was requested that the following clarifications to the survey map be made:  the location of the existing driveway; clarification of where the septic systems and wells are located; the existence of any ponds and/or wetlands; and the location of the perk test.  It was noted that the barn has an authorized temporary apartment on the second floor that has a well and septic system independent from the existing house.  

During the preliminary informative discussion, Chair Casey explained the steps in the application process:  deeming the application complete; reviewing the application; setting a date for a public hearing; and notification to abutters.  Not having a completed application at present, the board will reacquaint themselves with the current regulations on septic systems, wells and leaching fields.  Several members of the board noted that there is an existing pond on the property.

Old Business

BERGERON/MCNICHOL MINOR LOT LINE ADJUSTMENT:  Chairman Casey reported on the boundary walk of the Bergeron property located at 168 Valley Road.  Chair Casey and member Dorothy Miles made a boundary walk of the property.  After the boundary walk, a check was received from Mr. Bergeron for filing fees (LChip, Quitclaim deed, and the Mylar plat).  A temporary receipt was given on site with a formal receipt to be mailed to Mr. Bergeron by the town clerk.  It was noted that one corner of one shed was 16ft 4in from the property line.  As these sheds are considered temporary structures; no complaints were registered by the affected abutter; and the natural topography of the land drops off sharply in this area, the application was voted on and approved.

New Business 

Development Application Form Revision:
The planning board received a sample copy of a new Development Application Form from the Selectmen’s Office.  Minor changes to the previous document were made for the sake of clarity.  The changes were voted on and approved by the Board of Selectmen at a prior meeting.

Master Plan and Ordinance Reviews:
The Planning Board is in the process of reviewing examples of ordinances from other area towns regarding habitable recreational vehicles (campers).  The town of Richmond (NH) has an ordinance stating that campers may be inhabited no more than three consecutive months unless situated in a park designated for recreational vehicles.

Ann Sweet shared with the Planning Board ordinances from nine area towns she had compiled regarding the preservation of dark night skies.  More research is to be done on this topic.

Ann Sweet has also been researching steep slope ordinances regarding development/use of properties with excessive slopes and the effect on the possibility of land erosion and/or infertility.  It was noted that Valley Road has some very steep slopes.  In the Alternative Development section of the Sullivan Community Planning Ordinance, it states that development on steep slopes should be avoided.   It was suggested that this statement is vague and open to interpretation, and should be ‘beefed-up and clarified’.  The cell tower on Old Concord Road was mentioned as an example of steep slope development.  In the case of the cell tower, it was noted that a completed hydrology study was done and had been approved by a certified hydrologist.

Annual Planning Board Budget
The annual budget process has begun.  A draft copy of the Planning Board budget is due to the Selectmen by Wednesday, November 15th.  A copy will be sent to Planning Board members via e-mail for review.  It was mentioned that funds are available to attend the Annual Training and Law Lecture to be held in Concord, Saturday, October 14th if anyone wishes to attend.

State Highway Block Grant Funds
The town of Sullivan has had $33,000 in highway funds made available to it under Senate Bill 38.  There is to be a public hearing, required by state law, to hear comments and suggestions by the townspeople, and to accept the funds.  It was pointed out that the $33,000 is in addition to the usual apportionment of $54,000.

Board of Selectmen Update
The selectmen are beginning a discussion on sign placement and engine-braking noise along Route 9.  Can signs be placed along the road stating that no engine-breaking/air-brakes be used?

Selectmen’s representative Laura Merrifield announced that this will be her last Planning Board meeting in the rotation.  The Planning Board would like to thank her for her input, knowledge and dedication to the town.

A motion to adjourn was made by Chair Casey and seconded by L. Merrifield.  
The motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy M. Miles, Secretary