Minutes of September 1, 2004

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting together at 7:08 p.m. Present, in addition to the chairman, were Joe Fitzpatrick, Ann Sweet, and Bob Switzer. Richard Labadie represented the selectmen. Richard Hotchkiss, regular selectmen's representative, arrived at 7:32 p.m. Members absent were Geoff Gardner, Dave Jakway, and Don Primrose. Also present were Kenneth Heath and Linda Blanchard as well as Dale Blanchard and his advisor, Robin Freimont from Clough Harbor.

Minutes of the meeting of August 4, 2004, were accepted as distributed.

Hearing on proposed lot line adjustment on two Blanchard properties on Gilsum Road

Hearing on completeness of the application
Susan Blanchard's signature is needed on the application. Mr. Blanchard will bring the application with her signature to the boundary walk. In discussing the wetlands area of the larger lot, the Clough Harbor associate noted that more detail about wetlands from a certified soils scientist would be needed when development occurs on that lot. It was also noted that the well radius of the house on the smaller lot expands into the larger lot and will require protection. The well radius also extends into Gilsum Road.

Having completed the review of the checklist, the board approved without dissent a motion (Switzer/Fitzpatrick) to approve the completeness of the application.

Hearing on the merits of the application
There being no questions from the board or from the abutters present, a motion (Switzer/Fitzpatrick) to approve the application for subdivision was approved without dissent.

A boundary walk was scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 4. 

Municipal Law Lecture Series
Several members of the planning board and of the board of selectmen are interested in attending the series in Jaffrey, which begins Sept. 15. The lecture that evening from 7-9 "will discuss recent changes to land use statutes, with particular emphasis on important amendments to the laws of vested rights and impact fees. It will also address judicial developments, including the still-evolving variance standards and cases on the planning board's role in site plan review." The Sept. 22 lecture "will cover the municipal role in regulation of the environment." The Sept. 29 lecture "will cover the basics of planning board regulation of subdivisions and site plans. The focus will be on the practical realities of being on a planning board and how to effectively enforce local regulations during the review and approval of plats and enforce conditions of approval."  

Anyone interested in attending should early next week contact Fawn in the selectmen's office: sullivannh@earthlink.net or 847-3463. She will collect the registrations for a Sept. 10 deadline and mail a check. 

Selectmen's report
Mr. Hotchkiss gave an update on the following:

New uses for the old town hall will require a Site Plan Review update, Mr. Primrose agreed on August 23.

On Apple Hill Road no building permits for lots will be issued until the common driveway cut has been completed.

The Primrose lot on South Road may not be buildable because of various easements, a well shared with the adjoining property, and other complications.

The court has ruled that A&L Trucking must pay the accumulated fines. A question was raised about whether the addition of several trucks violates the conditions established by the Board of Adjustment.

The Barrett lots on Centre Street may require a lot line adjustment because of the conversion of a barn into a second dwelling unit.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary

NB. After adjournment, it was proposed that the hearing on the Master Plan update be conducted at the November 3 meeting.