Minutes of September 5, 2012

   Minutes of the Meeting of September 5, 2012

Chairman Steve Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  Present, in addition to the chairman, were members Dave Jakway, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet.  Gary Patnode represented the selectmen.  Absent were Laura Lewandowski and John Little.  David Kinson of Keene appeared about 8 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting of June 6 were approved without dissent.

There was no meeting July 4.

Approval of the minutes of the meeting of August 1 was postponed until 4 members present at that meeting could be present and vote.

Lot line adjustment on Sullivan property completed
Chairman Hamilton reported that the needed corrections to the plat had been made and the plat signed by chairman and secretary.

Protection of drinking water sources
Chairman Hamilton suggested that the planning board draw up an ordinance protecting drinking water sources for approval of town meeting in March.  Mrs. Sweet promised to send members a link to the model ordinance recommended by DES so members could draft an ordinance for Sullivan.  She directed members to Sullivan’s Natural Resource Inventory for a clear map showing Sullivan’s formerly public wells and the one aquifer.

Kinson gravel pit reconsidered
David Kinson returned to the planning board with a request for a permit to take gravel from a two-acre piece of his property not in current use.  Chairman Hamilton reviewed  the permit application and pointed to the need for signatures of the selectmen and the need to send it to the State.  Once Mr. Kinson has a state permit, he can return to the planning board to request town approval.  Mr. Kinson was given copies of two checklists to review for the town application.

Master Plan update:  Population and Housing
Mr. Jakway suggested that SWRPC has guidelines for writing master plans that Sullivan might consult.  He also suggested the planning board might investigate the cost of having SWRPC prepare the Sullivan Master Plan.  Chairman Hamilton said he would visit SWRPC with those queries.

Goals and Objectives
Michelle Degree has sent a suggested addition to the goals and objectives.  The hour being late, Mrs. Sweet offered to edit her offering and send it to the board for review.

Citizen interest in the progress on the Master Plan
Former member Michelle Degree strongly advocated for inclusion of townspeople in the update of the master plan.  She had left a sign-up sheet at the Town Clerk’s window where people could leave their names and email addresses for master plan updates.  Chairman Hamilton passed it to Mrs. Sweet, who will contact the people who signed up.

Opportunity to increase efficiency of lighting in town buildings
PSNH has a program to assess lighting efficiencies in buildings of NH municipalities.  PSNH will make recommendations and pay half the cost of installation.  The library, with the help of the Friends of the Library, will be following the PSNH upgrade recommendations.  As soon as the assessments made September 5 are reported, the energy committee will make a presentation to the selectmen for their consideration.  Chairman Hamilton reported that Citizens Bank participated in this program and was happy with the results.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet