Minutes of September 5, 2018

Sullivan Planning Board Minutes 5 September 2018

Present:  Leslie Casey (chair), Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Laura Merrifield (ex officio), Peter Miles, Ann Sweet, Dott Miles

Meeting convened at 7:01pm

Laura Merrifield made a motion to accept the minutes; seconded by L Casey. Minutes were approved with the following changes:
Note that Ann Sweet was in attendance at the August meeting
Correct a typographical error in the discussion of the Rokes boundary line adjustment.

Rokes-Brock boundary line adjustment
L Casey reported that the plat had been filed at the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds (CCRD) in error without the required Planning Board signature on the document signifying approval.  Approval was conditioned on proof of conveyance of the land, which the Board had not yet received.  A copy of a warranty deed recorded with the CCRD (dated 8 August 2018; document #1806405, Book 3035, Page 1161) showing conveyance of the property from Brock to Rokes was provided, and L Casey was able to sign the mylar plat (also dated 8 August 2018).

Voluntary Lot Merger application
L Merrifield has developed a proposed application form for voluntary lot mergers.  She described the form and the research she conducted in developing it.  A finalized version will be presented for Planning Board approval at its next regular meeting.  If approved, it will be incorporated into the Sullivan Subdivision Regulations as an attachment.

Proposed CPO Amendments
L Casey discussed feedback on the proposed CPO amendments that were presented at the last meeting of the PB.  

  • Regarding building height, L Casey researched definitions of “mean ground level” that could be used in defining building height.  She also presented feedback from Al Henry, Sullivan Fire Chief, regarding safety issues associated with building height.  He recommended a height restriction of 2 stories and 35 feet, with provision for building to a greater height as long as features are included that allow for occupant safety in the event of a fire.   The Board felt that it would be best if the ZBA reviewed exceptions to any height restriction on a case-by-case basis and granted variances as appropriate.  
  • The board discussed heating and sanitation systems for use in seasonal dwellings. A definition of "privy" consistent with NH statures may be added to the CPO.  
  • Regarding alternative development (Draft Warrant Article E), the board discussed whether the Town should require that all dwellings in an alternative development should be constructed on a contiguous parcel.  
  • Regarding steep slopes, L Casey received feedback from the Selectman that including specific prohibitions in the CPO might be problematic from a standpoint of enforceability and consistency with other regulations.    
  • Driveway permits:  should be explicitly defined in the section of the CPO discussing building permits.  
  • Definition of Recreational Vehicle:  the Board discussed the revised definition of RV, pointing out that the definition emphasizes that an RV is not intended as a permanent dwelling.  L Merrifield pointed out that the Selectmen want to make sure that construction or placement of any permanent dwelling requires a building permit.  The question of how to determine whether an RV is occupied was raised.  

L Casey moved to adjourn the meeting; L Merrifield seconded, and all agreed.  The meeting adjourned at 8:27pm.

Submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary