Minutes of Site Walk at 375 Route 9

Minutes of Planning Board site walk at 375 Route 9

In attendance:  
Planning Board:  Milton Trimitsis (secretary), Leslie Casey (chair)
Applicant:  Wendy Pelletier (surveyor)

L Casey and M Trimitsis conducted a site walk at 375 Route 9 on 13 November 2018 at 10am to review the proposed boundary line adjustments requested by James Walters (see minutes of 7 November 2018 Planning Board minutes).  As only two members of the Planning Board were present, it did not constitute a quorum.  No decisions were made, and the site walk was for informational purposes only.

They determined that sections of the proposed boundaries of the property examined were accurately reflected in the plan submitted to the board by W Pelletier. They did not observe any site conditions suggesting that the board should not approve the boundary line adjustment.  A portion of the boundary in a densely wooded area was not walked since that area has no buildings or other important features on it.

The Sullivan Conservation Commission was not notified of the application and site walk due to an oversight.   However, W Pelletier is a member of the Conservation Commission.

Submitted by Milton Trimitsis, Secretary