Planning Board Minutes for April 1, 2015

                                    SULLIVAN PLANNING BOARD      
        Minutes of the Meeting of April 1, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Steve Hamilton.  In addition to the chairman, members Leslie Casey, Stacy Glover, Dave Jakway, Laura Lewandowski, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet were present.  Gary Patnode represented the selectmen.  Also present were Ed Csenge, Edson and Virginia DeAngelis, Selectman Joe Lewandowski, Selectman Laura Merrifield, Rick Plankey, andRoger Sweet.

 A motion (Lewandowski/Glover) to approve the minutes of the meeting of March 4, 2015, passed without dissent.

Driveway application for De Angelis property on Apple Hill Road
Mr. DeAngelis submitted a copy of the driveway permit application, the original of which Road Agent Smith has already received.  Mr. Smith will meet the driveway committee (Glover/Jakway/Smith) to view the site.  A decision of the committee will be ratified by the planning board at its May meeting.  

Mrs. Merrifield explained that the zoning regulation of a lot size minimum will not affect the determination of the amount of land to be withdrawn from Current Use.  The assessor will review the plans for the home to determine the “area of impact “(including house, driveway, septic system, well, outbuildings) and the resulting penalty for withdrawal from Current Use.

Setback from the town right of way on the Plankey property on South Road
Mr. Plankey plans to add to the front of his house and is unsure of where the town road right of way is located.  He was referred to Road Agent Smith for the required information.  If his proposed addition is within the required 50 foot setback, he will need to apply to the ZBA for a Variance.

A “scrivener’s error” in the Community Planning Ordinance and the Septic System application
Selectman Merrifield has discovered that there is a “scrivener’s error” in the CPO and the application for a septic installation.  Article IV.C of the CPO states that “The following distances are elevations above the normal low level of the watercourse.”  Although septic engineers know that the DES requirements refer to the normal HIGH level of the watercourse, she was seeking the planning board’s acknowledgment of the apparent error so the wording of the CPO and the septic application could be corrected.  A “scrivener’s error” does not require Town Meeting action.  A motion (Jakway/Lewandowski)to direct the selectmen to change the wording from “low” to “high” in Article IV.C. of the CPO and the septic application passed without dissent.

Selectman Merrifield suggested that the planning board compare the various applications with CPO language to determine disparities.

Introduction of the newest selectman, Joe Lewandowski
Chairman Hamilton welcomed Selectman Lewandowski and presented the members of the planning board to him.  He will represent the selectmen at planning board meetings for the next three months.

Letter to TD Bank affirming conformity of lot on Gilsum Road to town regulations
Mrs. Sweet, as secretary, will write the letter for the chairman’s signature.

Chairman Hamilton passed around Town and City, a report from SCS on its programs, and SWRPC’s regional plan.

Member comments
Mrs. Sweet reported that the energy audit of the town hall has been completed and is in the hands of the selectmen and the energy committee.  Energy-saving recommendations will need to be studied and prioritized by the selectmen with the help of the energy committee.

Selectmen’s report:  Gary Patnode
•    The board of selectmen is now complete with the addition of Joe Lewandowski.
•    The last of the two police cruisers has been sold.
•    A new administrative assistant has been hired:  Kate Thorndike from Marlborough, formerly administrative assistant in Lyndeborough, 
•    NH.  She will begin April 20 and work 20 hours a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday for the selectmen’s meeting).

Recommendation of the retiring chairman
Ask at the next Town Meeting for a Capital Reserve Fund for the cost of the 2025 Master Plan.  He suggested at least $1500 per year for the next 10 years.  He noted that this would be the first professionally produced town master plan.

Election of new officers
Mrs. Sweet nominated Leslie Casey for the chairmanship, citing her administrative experience and her commitment to the town.  Mark Smith seconded the nomination.  The chairman called for a vote, which was unanimous.  The new chairman nominated Mrs. Sweet as secretary.  Mr. Smith seconded the nomination, which passed without dissent.

Mrs. Sweet praised the retiring chairman for his years as a conscientious and thoughtful chairman.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary