Planning Board minutes for April 6, 2015

                                        SULLIVAN PLANNING BOARD                            

of the Meeting of April 6, 2016                                          


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman
Leslie Casey.  In addition to the
chairman, members Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles, and Ann Sweet
were present. Joe Lewandowski represented the selectmen.  Wendy Pelletier, surveyor, was also present


A motion (Laura
Lewandowski/Dott Miles) to approve the minutes of March 2, 2016, passed without


Boundary line
adjustment on Fish and Game property on Ferry Brook Road

An application for a proposed boundary line adjustment that
would result in a pie-shaped piece of property (.29 acres) belonging to Dr.
David Hall being added to the property of the Cheshire county Fish and Game
Club was presented to the board by Wendy Pelletier.  Chairman Casey reviewed the checklist.  Ms. Pelletier will return for a hearing on
the proposed adjustment at the May meeting of the Planning Board.  She paid for the notice to the nine  abutters ($45) and the listing in Legal
Notices in the Keene Sentinel ($15).


Annual election of

A motion (Sweet/Dott
Miles) to elect Leslie Casey for Chairman passed without dissent.

A motion (Casey/Laura
Lewandowski) to elect Ann Sweet as Secretary passed without dissent.


Survey on town
interest in spaces for recreation

Chairman Casey reported a 20.2% return on the survey forms
handed out on March 8, town election day and available through March 31st:  57 of 282 households.  The survey was offered to the Nelson school,
but there was no response from the principal, so it was not distributed there.
Twenty-six households volunteered to help with park and trails cleanup.  The most popular choices for activity on public
places were:  attending an event; picnicking,relaxing,
and walking/hiking. Visiting playgrounds was a popular choice for households
with yourg children. Chairman Casey will attend the next conservation
commission with the results of the survey and discussion of next steps.  Dott Miles asked about town liability for
injury in any of these activities on town property.


OEP conference of
June 4

Planning Board members are encouraged to attend to
learn.  The budget will pay for the
attendance of two members.


Question of
enforcement burden on selectmen if the CPO is changed to require permits for
any structure over 200 feet square

Chairman Casey will be reviewing the state-required property
inventories to find what structures have been completed within the past year
and determine how much selectmen time would have been required to permit them.


Hazard Mitigation Plan

Selectman Lewandowski confirmed that Al Henry has not
approached the select board for a hearing on the draft Hazard Mitigation Plan. Once
the plan has been adopted, Chairman Casey will work with Al Henry to append the
plan to the town Master Plan.



Cluster Housing Ordinance

Following Former Chairman Steve Hamilton’s recommendation to
review the town’s Cluster Housing Ordinance (1992), Chairman Casey consulted
Lisa Murphy, planner at Southwest Region Planning Commission, and was referred
to the Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques Handbook for model
ordinances.  Ms. Murphy also suggested
the eleven-page ordinance adopted in Wolfeboro. 
Chairman Casey passed out copies for member review.  She also mentioned that Nelson has only a
very brief description of the equivalent of cluster housing in its planning
ordinances.  Wolfeboro’s master plan
suggested that the first step is to create a map showing current land use, land
of particular utility of housing, and land with unique characteristics, such as
prime agricultural soil and steep slopes, where open spaces ought to be kept.


Future parking at the
Sullivan Store

Responding to Selectman Lewandowski’s questions about the
parking for the Sullivan store proposed following the bridge replacement, Chairman
Casey contacted the NH DOT and spoke to the bridge designer, who described
parking alternatives bring discussed with the owner.


Woodland Acres expansion

Chairman Casey was asked by a potential buyer of the
property about the status of the possible expansion.  She pointed out that a Special Exception is
required but has not yet been applied for.


Workshop on accessory
dwelling units:  April 27 by SWRPC
the Historical Society of Cheshire County,
6:30 p.m.


There being no further business, a motion (Laura Lewandowski/Peter Miles) to adjourn passed without
dissent at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Ann Sweet, Secretary