Planning Board Minutes for August 5, 2015

                                    SULLIVAN PLANNING BOARD      
        Minutes of the Meeting of August 5, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman Leslie Casey.  In addition to the chairman, members, Laura Lewandowski, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet were present.  Laura Merrifield represented the selectmen.  Absent was member Stacy Glover.

 A motion (Lewandowski/Smith) to approve the minutes of the meeting of July 1, 2015, passed without dissent.

Chairman’s comment:  The Driveway Committee, now including Stacy Glover and Mark Smith, in addition, to the Road Agent, needs another member.  She observed that this gap adds to the need for another regular member.

Review of planning board bylaws last amended in 1991
Nothing in the current bylaws indicates how many members should be on the planning board.  In the memory of present members, it has been 7, including the selectmen’s representative.  Mrs. Sweet agreed to call Mr. Pratt to determine the origin of that number, since towns of this size are permitted 5 or 7 members.

The bylaws direct members with a conflict of interest to impart that to the chairman, Members questioned where State law refers to conflict of interest.  RSA 31-39a permits towns’ legislative bodies (town meetings) to enact conflict of interest ordinances.  Planning boards may write resolutions stating their standards; these do not have the effect of law.

Since there is no state law requiring the chairman to abstain from voting except in the case of a tie, the chairman shall vote whenever a vote is taken.  The sentence restraining the chairman from voting was removed from the bylaws.

The order of items in the meeting agenda was modified to place acting on the minutes earlier in the meeting.

To meet the dictates of the Right to Know Law, prohibiting discussion by  electronic means was added to other communications outside of board meetings.  See RSA  91-A:2.

In most instances, the word “shall” was substituted for “may” to be consistent.

Office of Energy and Planning questionnaire
Chairman Casey passed a copy around and promised to send the completed questionnaire electronically to all members for their reference.  This, as completed by the chairman, should serve as the base for subsequent requests from OEP.

Record retention
The chairman will ask to meet with Chris Pratt, archivist, to determine where old planning board records are kept and how to help interested parties to locate them.

Historic district question
Chairman Casey fielded a question from a contractor seeking to know whether there were any historic district restrictions on replacing windows in a house on Valley Road.  There are no official historic districts in Sullivan.

Condition of Centre Street
In her concern for the planning board’s responsibility to look out for the well-being of the town, Chairman Casey spoke with an engineer from District 4 about the poor condition of Centre Street.  He offered to meet with town representatives to talk about road repair planning.  Several members agreed that the road is severely damaged and that the rerouting of traffic from Route 9 when the bridge is replaced will increase the problems.  Centre Street is not an artery covered by the 10-year highway plan but falls in a maintenance category for pavement overlays, not reconstruction.  He said Sullivan has low priority because of “low traffic” and “recent repavement.”  Chairman Casey will contact him for a meeting to which town officials, including the road agent, will be invited.  The meeting will be posted in two places 24 hours in advance.  

Visit by Senator Ayotte’s staff representative:  August 18 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the town hall

Meeting to discuss the future of the library:  August 6 at 7:15.p.m.

There being no further business, a motion (Merrifield/Smith) to adjourn passed without dissent at 8:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary