Planning Board Minutes for August 7, 2013

  Minutes of the Meeting of August 7, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Steve Hamilton.  In addition to the chairman, members Stacy Glover, Kevin Wheeler, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet were present.  Absent were Dave Jakway and Laura Lewandowski.  Laura Merrifield represented the selectmen.

Also present were Road Agent Randy Smith, citizen Trevor Smith, and driveway applicant Paul LeClerc.

After correction of “should” to “could” in the third line of the paragraph on needed changes to the Community Planning Ordinance, a motion (Wheeler/Merrifield) to approve the minutes of July 3 passed without dissent.

Can a home be built on 1.8 acres located on a discontinued road next to Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest property?
Kevin Wheeler recused himself from his role on the planning board to explain his query.

Trevor Smith would like to buy 1.8*  acres owned by Mr. Wheeler just north of the Howard property off the discontinued portion of Boynton Road.  Mr. Wheeler stated that it would be easy to fill in the dip between the end of the discontinued portion of Boynton Road and gain access to the gravel road SPNHF had built for hauling out timber several years ago in a major logging event over the discontinued Cummings Road on its property.  Mr. Wheeler believes he has a “right of way” to his plot.  Mrs. Merrifield asked whether he had a deeded right of way.  Mrs. Sweet asked whether a “right of way” can be modified or whether it allows access only.  It was suggested that the Local Government Center might help answer that question.  Mr. Wheeler will talk with the owners on either half of the discontinued part of Boynton Road (Dean, Smith, Howard, SPNHF) and look for a deeded right of way.  Chairman Hamilton said he would talk with town road historian, Chris Pratt.

Mr. Wheeler rejoined the board.

Driveway permit request. From Paul LeClerc on Apple Hill Road
The driveway committee having examined the location, a motion (Wheeler/Merrifield) to approve the driveway permit passed without dissent.
Mr. LeClerc presented a check for $1500 to be held in escrow until the driveway has been inspected and completed to the road agent’s satisfaction.

Curb cut policy discussion
Road Agent Randy Smith asked for a discussion of curb cut policy.  There have been many inconsistencies over the past several years.  Some home builders have paid the required escrow, some have not.  Some escrow monies have not been returned because the required road apron has not been constructed.  It was pointed out that the escrow requirement is more recent than some of the driveways.  Sometimes the home construction has been completed by new owners who may not even know of the apron requirement.  Follow up has been a problem.  The approved driveway permit goes into a file and no one thinks to check up on implementation.  The road agent has often not even been given a copy.  Chairman Hamilton will make a suggestion at the next selectmen’s meeting for a follow-up mechanism.  Ms. Glover pointed out that the discrepancy
Between the language of the driveway permit application and the language of the driveway regulations needs to be resolved.  How long should a driveway permit be valid?  How long should a building permit be valid?  Should the permit go with the property or with the owner?  These and other questions should be answered with the board considers modifications of the Community Planning Ordinance in October.  Randy Smith asked whether a letter should be sent reminding people about their escrow money and their obligations.

A very recent curb cut on Centre Street on the Csenge property raised questions about the lack of a local driveway permit approval.  The State ordinarily sends notice to the Town when a State permit has been applied for so the Town can initiate its approval process.  The Road Agent will check with District #4 of the DOT to ask whether the State has given approval for this new cut.  The board recalled a long-standing request for Mr. Csenge to apply for Site Plan Review, given the various changes in commercial operations on the property (including the very heavy trucks going in and out of the site).

Selectmen representation on the planning board
Mrs. Merrifield reported that the selectmen will take turns for two months at a time.

There being no further business, a motion (Merrifield/Smith) to adjourn passed without dissent at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary

*Corrected to 1.1 acres at meeting of Sept. 4, 2013