Planning Board Minutes for December 2, 2015

PLANNING BOARD                    

of the Meeting of, December 2, 2015                              


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman
Leslie Casey.  In addition to the
chairman, members Dorothy Miles, and Ann Sweet, along with Alternate Peter
Miles, were present. Gary Patnode represented the selectmen.  Absent were members Laura Lewandowski and
Mark Smith.  Also present was Mike
Jasmin, Code Enforcement Officer from the town of Swanzey.


Chairman Casey asked Peter Miles to sit in for a regular


A motion (Smith/Casey)
to approve the minutes of November 4, passed without dissent.


The uses of code
enforcement officials, along with building inspectors and health officers

Mike Jasmin, who has played all these roles in various area
towns stressed the importance of having the support of the town’s
selectmen.  He also emphasized that the
purpose of codes is to insure safety for townspeople and for the first
responders who rush to their aid.  Even
though Sullivan does not have a building code, it must follow the stipulations
of the state building code.  The
International Residential Code 2009 requires a building permit for anything
over 200 square feet.  Members were
surprised, because Sullivan’s Community Planning Ordinance does not require a
building permit for any structure under 700 square feet.  Mr. Jasmin recommended that the fire chief be
given the authority in the CPO to enter a one or two-family house to check on
safety.  He also suggested that the
health officer might be given expanded authority to deal with issues of
safety.  He recommended perusal of RSA 155A
to understand what may be done in a municipality to provide code
enforcement.  He also suggested looking
at the building permit application and fees for the town of Swanzey.  He considers DeWalt Construction Guide a
useful, though not comprehensive, reference on building code.


Emergency Management

Chairman Casey asked Selectman Patnode whether the town’s
emergency plan is readily available. 
Selectman Patnode said the Emergency Management Committee meets under
the chairmanship of the Fire Chief and may have an updated plan. Members will
look into the references suggested by Mr. Jasmin and discuss at future meetings
before determining what relevant actions, if any, might be taken.


Resignation of
planning board member Stacy Glover

Ms. Glover recently submitted her resignation to the town
clerk.  Planning board members regret her
departure.  Chairman Casey appointed
Peter Miles to serve as a full member in Ms. Glover’s place and also asked him
to replace her on the driveway committee.

Planning board budget
for 2016           

Chairman Casey reported that she had presented to the
selectmen the budget for the coming year with additional money for member
attendance at the annual Law Lecture Series offered by the NH Municipal
Association.  She has also proposed the
creation of a Capital Reserve Fund for accumulating enough money to hire
professional assistance with the 2025 Master Plan.  She proposed $1500, an estimate of 10% of the
cost, to be added to in subsequent years.


Capital Improvement

Chairman Casey asked whether it would make sense for the
planning board to undertake one.  A CIP
is an outline of anticipated expenditures for capital projects projected over a
period of at least 6 years.  Selectman
Patnode asked whether it would add much to the current process of establishing
capital reserve funds for capital expenditures expected in the future.   Chairman Casey suggested that everyone look
at Stoddard’s very comprehensive CIP available on line at:

It’s a topic that may be pursued.


Strong Towns (

Chairman Casey spoke of her interest in this non-profit
organization that seeks to help communities all over the US to become strong
through active participation of citizens. 
She asked whether Sullivan might find ideas that might help it
strengthen its sense of “place.” 
Selectmen Patnode spoke of the welcome church invitation to all members
of town boards and staffs to come to a special church service and brunch on
November 22.  The library’s Saturday
coffee hour was also mentioned as an effort to create a greater sense of
community.  Chairman Casey noted that,
according to the Master Plan, there are fewer useable recreation facilities
near the town center than in the past and wondered whether something might be
done to improve Jewett Park, perhaps in time for the country’s sestercentennial
in 2026.


Selectmen’s report

Selectman Patnode noted that the selectmen have resumed
their weekly meetings and are working with department heads on the upcoming
town budget.


There being no further business, a motion (Patnode/Miles) to adjourn at 9:17 p.m. passed without


Respectfully submitted,




Ann Sweet, Secretary