Planning Board minutes for December 2, 2016

      Minutes of the Meeting of December 2, 2016    

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Leslie Casey.  In addition to the chairman, members Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles, Mark Smith and Ann Sweet were present.  There was no selectmen’s representative.

A motion (Smith, Dott Miles) to accept the minutes as distributed passed without dissent.

Chairman’s announcements
The budget drawn up by the chairman has passed the initial phase.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Emergency Operations Plan have been completed.  The first will be appended to the Master Plan in the near future and is expected to be posted on the town website.

Uncompleted Driveway Permits
The state highway department (Frank Linnenbringer) says three driveway permits issued for property on Centre Street in 2013 expired in 2014.  A  letter to the selectmen apprising them of these expirations will be written.

SWRPC is seeking petroleum-contaminated properties  and are soliciting possible sights from the general public for their Brownfields Assessment Program..  

Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan
SWRPC is inviting municipalities to describe projects for the ten year plan.  Centre Street needs serious repair and repaving even before the extra traffic anticipated when the new bridge across Otter Brook is constructed in 2017.

Municipal Association Conference November 16-17
Chairman Casey attended and learned, among other things, that septic regulations have been upgraded.  Discussion at one point centered on a desirable limit to impervious surfaces in any development.

What can be done about danger and noise from gun clubs?
Chairman Casey pointed out a Sentinel article about Winchester’s pending approval of a gun club.  Planning board members told tales of stray bullets and deafening noise from the local club, especially since much more powerful guns sometimes are discharged on special days.  Are regulations possible?

Adjusting the Community Planning Ordinance to accommodate new NH legislation regarding Accessory Dwelling Units
Discussion of some proposed changes about language offered by Chairman Casey as modified by individual members occupied most of the rest of the meeting.  It was decided that Chairman Casey would make some changes and distribute them before the January 4 meeting, when a public hearing will be held.  Should the changes be approved, the changed wording to the CPO will be put on the ballot for the town election.  Paper copies of the changes will be prepared for the hearing.

Alternative Development    
Earlier, the board had discussed replacing the never-used Cluster Housing Ordinance with a section in the CPO, probably under Article IV, General Provisions.  The hour being late, the discussion was brief.  Revised language will be distributed to the board for its review and amendment prior to the January 4 hearing.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary