Planning Board Minutes for July 6, 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of July 6, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Leslie Casey.  In addition to the chairman, members Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles, Mark Smith and Ann Sweet were present. Laura Merrifield represented the selectmen. Kevin Wheeler was also present..

A motion (Laura Lewandowski/Laura Merrifield ) to approve the minutes of June 1, 2016, passed without dissent.

Driveway permit application for Gilsum Road property of Craig and Donna Wilson

The driveway committee (Mark Smith, Peter Miles, and Road Agent Randy Smith) visited the site, found the site offered more than the required 200 feet of view on each side and discussed the size and placement of the culvert.  The $1800 estimated for the cost of the apron to be placed in escrow was noted but not paid.  After reviewing the permit application and hearing the report from the driveway committee by Mark Smith, a motion (Smith/Lewandowski) to approve the application passed without dissent.

Proposed excavation of an abandoned gravel pit on Gilsum Road

(Mark Smith recused himself from the discussion because he is an interested party.)

Kevin Wheeler described the tentative plans of himself and Mark Smith for excavating in this long unused gravel pit on the property they have recently bought on Gilsum Road.  At first, they plan to use the gravel for their own and other family needs.  Then they would like to sell some of the output.  They think they will not remove more than 1000 cubic yards the first year and will not be active on more than two acres.  After much discussion, including reading of parts of NH RSA 155e, the long and wordy legislation governing excavation, it was determined that they should first fill out the application for the planning board, carefully consulting the check lists to be sure they have presented all that’s needed for a completed application.  Mary Pinkham Langer at the DRA was suggested as a possible resource for help interpreting RSA 155e.  Once the planning board finds the application complete, a hearing will be scheduled and a planning board decision rendered.   If the application is voted to be approved, Wheeler and Smith will fill out an application of “intent to excavate” for the selectmen.  Selectman Merrifield suggested that Wheeler and Smith be sure that the excavation is entirely on the part of the property not under Current Use, lest they be required to pay a penalty for withdrawal of Current Use land for change of use.

Two driveway applications from John and Wendy Bolles on South Road

The applications were unclear.  Is construction of two houses contemplated?  If so, a subdivision will be required.  Chairman Casey will seek clarification from the Bolles.

Chairman’s Report

With regard to the lot line adjustment for Fish and Game, a letter of approval has been sent to the agent; minutes of the site visit were prepared; a copy of the plat was given to the selectman’s assistant for future revisions to the town map.

The June 30 ZBA hearing concluded with the conditional approval of the proposed cell phone tower on the Price property off Old concord Road. Site Plan Review is next.

Possible revision of the Excavation Regulations was left to a subsequent meeting, given the lateness of the hour.

OEP Conference attended by the chairman and Dott Miles will be reported next meeting.

Cluster Housing Ordinance.  Draft language replacing the ordinance with a brief Alternative Development section in the CPO has been distributed at the June 1 meeting, with the expectation that we would discuss it at the July meeting.  Such discussion was postponed to the August meeting because of the late hour.

There being no further business, a motion (Merrifield/ D.Miles) to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m. passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary