Planning Board Minutes for June 1, 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of June 1, 2016

The meeting was called to
order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Leslie Casey. 
In addition to the chairman, members Laura Lewandowski, Dorothy Miles,
Peter Miles, Mark Smith and Ann Sweet were present. Joe Lewandowski represented
the selectmen.  Craig and Donna Wilson
were also present.


A motion (Laura Lewandowski/Peter Miles) to approve
the minutes of May 4, 2016, passed without dissent.


Driveway permit application for Gilsum Road property
of Craig and Donna Wilson

The planning board members reviewed the application, noting some blanks to be filled in after the driveway committee (Mark Smith, Peter Miles, and Randy Smith) look at the site.  Mark Smith will notify the conservation commission once a date has been set.  The Wilsons will now approach the selectmen for a building permit.  The planning board will approve the driveway permit following the driveway committee recommendations.

Lot-line adjustment on Fish and Game property

Chairman Casey reported that she and Ann Sweet and a member of the conservation commission had viewed the approved re-integration of the 2.9 acre piece from the Hall property to the Fish and Game Property.  Surveyor/agent Wendy Pelletier filed the plat signed by the chairman and the secretary at the Cheshire County deeds office and reported the number 16031.  A copy of the signed plat will be given to the selectmen’s assistant and a copy kept in the planning board file.  The agent for the applicant has a copy.


Truck study as requested of SWRPC

Traffic counters from SWRPC
were in place from May 13-17 at the Sullivan/Keene town line on Centre Street
and on Centre Street at the bridge over Otter Brook.  Preliminary results show:


Centre Street at Keene
town line

Average daily traffic
(weekday):  503 vehicles – 95.4% light
duty, 3.8% medium duty, 0.8% heavy duty

Average daily traffic
(weekend):  464 vehicles – 98.2% light
duty, 1.6% medium duty, 0.3% heavy duty

Centre Street at bridge
over Otter Brook

Average daily traffic
(weekday):  634 vehicles – 97.7% light
duty, 2.2% medium duty, 0.1% heavy duty

Average daily traffic
(weekend):  98.7% light duty, 1.3% medium
duty, 0.0% heavy duty


SWRPC is willing to provide a
more comprehensive report.



SWRPC Transportation Advisory Committee May 2 meeting

Chairman Casey, as Sullivan representative to this Committee, attended the meeting in Peterborough on May 2nd.  She noted the Eastern Monadnock region reported a 0.5% to 4.7% heavy truck traffic on its roads.  The committee also discussed the costs of transportation for workers.  Choosing a less expensive dwelling place may be offset by heavier (because of a longer commute) transportation cost.  The combined costs of housing and transportation relative to income are generally on the high side of what is considered affordable.


Emergency Management Plan followup

Chairman Casey communicated with Al Henry, Emergency Management Director, who said that the 1994 emergency management plan mentioned in the Master Plan is inactive.  The updating of the Hazard Mitigation Plan is ongoing.  When completed, there will be a public hearing and the plan can then be integrated, at least by reference, into the Master Plan.


Excavation regulations in need of updating

Mark Smith recused himself from the planning board temporarily to discuss the plans he and Kevin Wheeler are considering for excavation of gravel from the abandoned gravel pit on the former Swazey property on Gilsum Road.  About 1000 yards (about 60 truckloads) might be the output per year. They are in the process of considering next steps, including applying for a special exception from the ZBA in accord with Article III.B.5 of the CPO.  Chairman Casey gave him copies of check lists for guidance in making out the town application.  Chairman Casey reminded the board that our current regulations need updating.  They seem to repeat the state legislation RSA 155-e, which governs what can be done by individuals seeking to conduct excavations on their properties.  Chairman Casey will compare the language in our current regulations with that in RSA 155-e and spell out the specifics for updating our regulations, perhaps using a reference to RSA 155-e combined with the items directly pertinent to Sullivan to shorten the very lengthy regulations.  She will check the planning board minutes of 1990 and 1991 to determine the board’s thinking at that time.


Cluster housing ordinance update

Chairman Casey passed out proposed language for Article IV of the CPO that borrows from Nelson’s Alternative Development chapter in their subdivision ordinance and adds language from the NH Department of Environmental Services model for a conservation subdivision ordinance and the Sullivan Master Plan goals and objectives.  She asked the board to review her language and come to the July meeting with suggestions.


Office of Energy and Planning annual conference June 4

Chairman Casey and Dott Miles
will attend and report at the July 9 meeting.


Regional planning convening

Chairman Casey attended a
meeting of planning commissioners from all over the state where discussion
centered on the roles of regional planning commissions.


Merrimack River listed as one of the most endangered
rivers in the US

A major source of pollution
in our rivers is runoff from the increasingly impermeable surfaces in our
cities as a result, partly, of paving every parking lot.  Planning developments needs to take this into


Report of the selectmen

Selectman Lewandowski noted
that the selectmen will be meeting on their summer schedule of every other
Monday, beginning with the June 6 meeting.


There being no further
business, a motion to adjourn (Laura
Lewandowski/Mark Smith) passed without dissent at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Ann Sweet, Secretary