Planning Board Minutes for November 6, 2013

  Minutes of the Meeting of November 6, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Secretary Ann Sweet, who asked for nominations for chairman pro tem in the absence of Chairman Steve Hamilton.  Members Stacy Glover, Laura Lewandowski, Mark Smith, Ann Sweet, and Kevin Wheeler were present.   Mark Paquette represented the selectmen.   Absent was Dave Jakway.  Also present were Road Agent Randy Smith, Edward and Laurel Csenge, James Walters and Kaitlin Adams.

 A nomination (Wheeler/Lewandowski) of Mark Smith for chairman pro tem passed without dissent.

A motion (Lewandowski/Glover) to approve the minutes of the meeting of October 2, 2013, passed without dissent.

Driveway permit applications for Edward and Laurel Csenge on Centre Street
Mr. Csenge explained that he does not plan immediate construction of one house for himself and his wife, but since the State DOT permits up to three driveway cuts for a long piece of frontage on a state road, he wants to get the permits now in case the rules change   All the board members present signed the application for the first “residential” cut.  They decided to wait deliberation on the second “residential” cut until the State permit had been delivered.  Randy Smith pointed out that the State will issue the permit whether the planning board approves or not.  There was some inconclusive discussion about what to do when the State rules are less stringent than the Town’s.

Although it was not pertinent to the driveway permit discussion, Mrs. Sweet asked whether gravel was being mined on the Csenge property, since a pile was visible from the road.  Mr. Csenge responded that he imports such material for recycling it to use in his business.

Mrs. Sweet also raised a question about a planning board request of many years ago for Site Plan Review of the Csenge business.  Mt Csenge responded that he had all the permits needed and “we are not going back there.”  Mr. and Mrs. Csenge then left.

Informal discussion of plans for the property of James Walters on Route 9 near the Nelson/Sullivan line
Mr. Walters presented a map showing the property location and pictures showing the existing house and a garage with four bays he plans to construct.  He is uncertain about the need to replace the existing (and functioning) septic system.  A question was raised about the need for bathroom facilities in the new construction, which is to include an office.  He was told that his first step should be to go to the ZBA for a special exception to operate a commercial garage on the property. 

Review of application of Mark Smith for a driveway permit on his Boynton Road property
Mark Smith left the chair to discuss the application.  A motion I(Paquette/Glover) to appoint Kevin Wheeler as temporary chairman passed without dissent. Following review of the sketch provided, all the members present signed approval of the application.

Proposed changes to the Community Planning Ordinance
Several members raised questions about the lack of penalties provided for non-compliance, particularly  for the temporary building permit deadlines and for the proposed occupancy requirements.  Since there was no agreement and the hour was late, a vote on the proposed changes was postponed to the next meeting.  Thereafter, in order to have the proposed changes on the ballot for March, a special hearing must be held in December.  Mrs. Sweet urged members to come to the December meeting with language for any changes they might want to make.

There was also discussion of the provision in the Driveway Regulations for using escrow funds set aside for one property owner’s paved apron when the next owner did the paving.  If there are funds left over, who should get the overage?

The hour being late, a motion (Wheeler/Paquette) to adjourn the meeting was passed without dissent at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary