Planning Board Minutes for October 2, 2013

  Minutes of the Meeting of October 2, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Secretary Ann Sweet, who asked for nominations for chairman pro tem in the absence of Chairman Steve Hamilton.  Members Stacy Glover, Dave Jakway, Laura Lewandowski, and Mark Smith were present.   Laura Merrifield represented the selectmen.  A nomination Merrifield/Lewandowski) of Dave Jakway for chairman pro tem passed without dissent.

A motion (Merrifield/Glover) to approve the minutes of the meeting of September 4, 2013, passed without dissent.

Proposed changes to wording in the Community Planning Ordinance
Chairman Pro Tem Jakway opened the discussion by asking Mrs. Merrifield to explain the suggestions on the papers she distributed to the board.  The following proposals were discussed and sometimes amended.  Mrs. Merrifield will amend the items as revised in discussion and distribute the revised proposals to board members. 
 1. Define “seasonal dwelling unit” in Article XI, Definitions
 2. Clarify wording of Article V.A. Building Permits.
3. Amend wording of Article V Building Permits F Temporary Permits to give more flexibility to selectmen
4. Add to Article V (Building Permits) I:  Expiration (to promote the timely completion of building projects)
5. Replace the definition of dwelling units in Article XI to clarify in accord with RSA 153.
6. Add a new article VI, Occupancy Permits, and move subsequent articles to the next number.  The purpose of this article is to help the selectmen ensure that adequate, basic systems are in place and functioning before occupancy. 

Proposed changes to the Driveway Regulations and Permit Applications
1. Article IV, 7. Eliminate the word “cut” to clarify that setback from abutters shall extend for the length of the driveway.
2. Article IV, 14.  Clarifies length of time property owner must complete pavement or apply for an extension from the planning board.  Also requires inspection by the driveway committee before and after apron paving.

Selectmen’s report from Mrs. Merrifield
1. There will be a hearing on the proposed acceptance by the Town of a secondary interest in the conservation easement to be held by the Monadnock Conservancy on the properties of Henry Brooks and Linda Brown.
2. Injunctions have been served on junk yard offenders.
3. The Police Chief resigned on Sept.19, and the selectmen are exploring options for ensuring the safety of the community.
 4. Mark Paquette will next serve as selectmen’s representative to the planning board.

The board thanked Mrs. Merrifield for her great help, particularly with CPO changes.

A motion(Lewandowski/Glover) to adjourn passed without dissent at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Ann Sweet, Secretary